It just so happened that I was in Canberra over the weekend and it just so happened that I visited the Australian War Memorial while I was there. I've wanted to go there for a very long time. We didn't have much time to spare so what we did have was spent there. Around three hours all up and I think we missed some stuff, we needed about another hour. It's a pretty impressive place and the museum within is one of the best I've ever visited. I'll post some shots of the collection later.

Remembrance Wall

I had a bit of a surprise bonus while I was there. We'd just come out of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and I'd just snapped the pic above, when I looked to my right, without moving a step, to find that I'd placed myself right in front of someone with my surname. It's not a popular surname and as such I'm pretty certain that most of us are related somewhere back along the line. I think through a great great grandfather and his brothers. This is yet to be determined but I was pretty happy to find it and now I have some researching to do. (Which has already begun and massive thanks to my gal pal Claire for her help on this)

Rapley R.O
Domed roof inside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Looking back out towards the entrance to the tomb
I'm not one for glorifying war but at least this tribute to the lives destroyed by it is extremely well done


Irishman said…
I was there too late to actually go in, but the whole boulevard was very impressive by night!
stu said…
Ahhh very cool, didn't think to go for a spin at night. Next time for sure. Very cool photo set BTW, now I really wanna go back and see everything else :)