We used to shop at Aherns until....

Perth has had a slightly complicated history with it's big department stores over the decades. Moving locations, building new buildings and demolishing the old. Some brands even packed up and left only to return years later. These pics are of the old Aherns Department store that was still around until only a decade or so ago when it was bought out by David Jones. Aherns and now David Jones stretches between the Hay st and Murray st malls.

Hay st entrance 1938


Murray st entrance 1938

Aherns 1938

The Aherns Arcade, 1950. I don't recall there even being an arcade near Aherns, but hey I wasn't even a twinkle in my dads eye in 1950 so maybe someone else knows something about it. Considering the amount of arcades that currently sit between hay and Murray st then I wouldn't be suprised that there was one.

 Aherns Arcade

I kind of do remember this entrance, very sixties/seventies. I think this was the facade when David Jones took over in the late 90's or at least a refurbished version of.



Janall said…
Some comments. I do remember Aherns Arcade but I seem to think of it being part of Aherns in that it didn't go through to Murray Street. I remember there was a tea rooms there which sold delicious eclairs and a very nice children's wear shop because some of my nice summer dresses came from there. One arcade that many people have forgotten was Central Arcade - near William Street. Another arcade was the Equity Arcade with an entrance in William Street which connected to The Equity store in Hay Street. A similar arcade was Bon Marche Arcade (still there) with an entrance in Barrack Street which connected to Bon Marche store in Hay Street. Bon Marche and Foy and Gibson were the first stores taken over by David Jones but they didn't last. I think the name of the store is Myer not Myers although that's what most people refer to it as.