22 May 2015

THE HOOD # 309

A few snaps of some fresh pieces that went up as part of the recent FORM WA Public2015 street art festival in Perth.

Kyle Hughes Odgers in Northbridge
Collab wall by Yok, Sheryo and Fecks in laneway behind Chinatown, Northbridge
Carpark wall by Hurben, Northbridge

15 May 2015


When Love Comes to Town

U2 89

It was Saturday 23rd September 1989, I was at my second ever U2 gig, the place was Perth in Western Australia and I was about to witness the King of the Blues for the first time. The one and only B.B King was going to close the show with U2. That gig and that finale has stuck in my mind and been recalled by myself on so very many occasions. It truly was a great show and I'm not just saying that because today the king died, it so very was a once in a lifetime moment for me and many others at that show that night. Eighty nine is a very good innings but it's still sad that there wont be any more tunes from his guitar. I think I summed up the brilliance of this man nicely in the description I posted for this gig here "Words are not needed"...

12 May 2015


These days it's a rare thing to get to ride on a steam train. So there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity this weekend gone. Ballarat was holding its annual Heritage Weekend and that meant old school train rides for everyone. Such a cool thing to do, a little bit Hogwarts Express and a little bit Wild Wild West. Good times.

Engineer 1
Green EngineEngine

11 May 2015

THE HOOD # 308

I got to spend a week back in my home town of Perth recently. So much new street art everywhere as a result of the latest FORM Public event, but there's also been an explosion of fresh graff. So I'll get to the street art murals etc in a few days but for now here's some of those fresh letters, mostly from the FEDUP crew...

More Destroy
Idol Motions and Art by Destroy
Destroy section
Tribute to SLUE - local graff artist who passed away a few months ago

25 April 2015


It's ANZAC Day again, but this one's a bit extra special as it's the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. We headed out into a cold and rainy morning to attend the Dawn Service here in Ballarat. Since then I've been thinking about my family and their service for this country throughout the years. So here's a little tribute to some of them. I don't know all of their records or where they served or even if they all survived, some certainly did one certainly did not, but I'm slowly researching them.

National Service
My father Richard (far left) and his fellow National Service buddies 1950's
Uncle Herb WW2
My Great Uncle Herbert who served in WW2 and lost his left forefinger as it was shot off in the Battle of El Alamein
Great Great
My Great Great Uncle Eric (WW1) Great Uncle Charles and my Great Great Aunt Christina 
nan and pop
My Grandad William aka Bill (WW1, France) with my Nanna Kathleen and my father Richard
My Great Uncle Charlie (WW2 Z Force, New Guinea) with my Great Aunty Jean
In the Army
My Great Uncle Charles (WW2) - that's him as a child 3 photos up
Thomas Smith death notice
Great Great Uncle Thomas (WW1) who was killed in action at 2pm on 10th August 1918, just  3 months before the war ended.

23 April 2015


Some incredible images of the Cabulco volcanic eruption coming out of Chile today

21 April 2015


Lately I've been snapping a few black and white pics of my new home town...

Louey Soongs
"I've seen better days"
Rainy days at 7.20pm
Sue... such a tease
Chopped 1
Victoria Park
Victoria Park

18 April 2015


Check out this bad ass guitar duo - Rodrigo y Gabriela

and this beautiful song with Øystein Greni from Norway's Bigbang

Last year in Oslo I met Øystein Greni, frontman of one of the biggest and most influential Norwegian bands of the last 10 years Bigbang. Gab and I were first introduced to the band years ago when we saw a live performance from them on a cultural Mexican TV station.  
In December 2013 I caught Bigbang live in Oslo and after the show I met Øystein and we became friends straight away. Months later I visited Norway again and after going on a good long run though the Norwegian woods we ended up at his place playing old vinyl records from his huge collection. 
He introduced me to a song called Natures Way from an American band from the 60's called Spirit and I thought it was a great song! Right then we decided to record it without having any plans to release it in any way shape or form. A few days later we met at a studio in Oslo, and after the success of the session we decided to give it a serious try. A month later, during our summer tour in the States, I showed Gab the track and she loved it! 
In September, before we started our autumn tour in Europe, she recorded her guitars back at our studios in Mexico and the track was ready! In October the video was shot without any big plans ahead, just for the love of it. A bunch of young and talented Norwegian film makers wanted a song for an idea they had in mind. They called Øystein asking if he had a track they could use and he offered them Nature’s Way.  
Three days later and we had an outstanding video and in complete harmony with the lyrics of the song. 
This song is not part of any album either from Rodrigo y Garbriela or from Øystein. We hope you like it and if you do please share it with your friends. 
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Edit: It looks like they have released Natures Way, I just found it on iTunes, album is called 9 Dead Alive (Natures Way Edition)

12 April 2015

THE HOOD # 307

We're travelling to Bendigo for this edition of The Hood. It was actually really nice to see some actual street art, Ballarat is very sparse in this regard. Not the greatest shots because I took most of them at night and I'd had a couple of cold beverages just prior...

Be Free
Chancery Lane
Let's Cook