24 May 2016


There's not too many buildings constructed in the Brutalist style remaining in Perth. They tore down the awesome central fire station a few years back, however the East Perth Train Station still stands. Most people scream ugly when they look at it, but I don't think they've really taken a close look at it. They don't get Brutalist architecture and that's cool, but I do...

East Perth
Rear side
East Perth Train Station

17 May 2016


I do loves me a well written spam email about life, love and jeez I musta been really drunk.. so how old are you where do you live and what do you look like?
How are you. I have no clue how to start this letter. OK I'll start by saying that I am addressing a guy on the web for the first time in my life. I am a little thrilled and shy. Are you free? Are you searching for a sweetheart for getting rid of dark thoughts and starting a family? I want to find a man I could live my life with.! I need a fellow to start relationships with! You stole my heart before I knew what was going on. My name is Elena, Lena. To me of 35 years old. I uploaded my photographs to help you remember me. If you are ready to give us a chance, please do text me. I'm looking forward to ur answer to my letter. Write me as soon as possible, please! I was able to touch ur soul strings and that our dialogue will continue. I will be hoping to receive your answer. Have a good day! Meet you online! Thinking of you, Lena. PS: Oh, and how old are you and where are you from? 
Elenka Elena 

A few more of the same here 

15 May 2016

14 May 2016


What was once a pretty bleak, boring and lifeless street in Northbridge has had a bit of a makeover... and I like it.


08 May 2016

THE HOOD # 321

A little bit (read long bit) out of the hood actually. Way down where many fear to tread, Mandurah. Found this wall that's a colab between Pore and Lady Poise...

Section 2
Section 1

07 May 2016


In my eternal quest to discover new and amazing photographers, I give you the photos of Julia Werner. This is only one of her awesome sets (which you can see at her website) but it's definitely my fav...

05 May 2016


I spotted this pic over on Shorpy and was going to run it just as a pic, then I read the comments and noticed there was a whole back story in there. So...

Suburban Cowboy: 1963
I just started scanning my sister's photos of her kids from the 1960s. Here's why she was smart to have saved the negatives. Back in 1963, they lived in South Gate, California, in a neighborhood full of classic cars, it seems. My nephew Jimmy in a 2¼-inch square Kodacolor negative
From the comments

Note: you really should visit Shorpy often, then have some very cool stuff there

03 May 2016

THE HOOD # 320

A bunch of various individual singular one of a kind stand alone pieces that I've snapped around the traps lately...

SarSar in Leederville
Daek William in Maylands
Jodee Knowles
Jodee Knowles working on a piece in Maylands
Martin E Wills
Martin E Wills - laundromat wall in Inglewood
dabue v gotoo
Artists: Dabue (left) and gotoo (right), Northbridge
Steve Browne
Piece by Steve Browne for the Laneway Collective, Highgate

01 May 2016


I've blogged about a fair few abandoned theme parks over the years, but they've all been from overseas. So imagine how cool it was to discover we had our own right here in Perth, well Mandurah to be exact. I knew this park had existed, I drove past it a heap back in the 90's when we went on surf trips down to Melrose and Miami Beach. But I had no idea parts of it where still there until yesterday.

It was built in the 1980's, peaked in the 90's (if you could call it a peak) and was abandoned in the 00's. A road diversion signed it's death warrant, some would say it simply put it out of it's misery. I never visited so I can't judge, but what remains was cool to wander through and photograph...

Castle Rear
Castle side
all that really remains is this castle and...
Castle Burnt
The Australia Pool
...a pool in the shape of Australia
met these cool kids who had build a cement ramp in that old pool so they could skate in it, dudes after my own heart, I had a tear in mah eye

the most apt piece of graff I found on the day

There was originally a heap more buildings on the site and a mini golf course, but they're all gone now and the remains are overgrown. However most awesomely I have found this video taken in 96, it shows the other stuff and even has peeps swimming in the pool. Most awesome indeed.

There's a bunch more photos in my Flickr album 

28 April 2016


The most epic of all epic beer runs

I haven't been blogging much of late, let's be honest, it's been a lean year blogging wise. My life has been... complicated these past 5 months. So the blogging has suffered, the struggle is real people. But that's about to change because I am currently working on the worlds greatest project, so great it may blow your socks off, literally. I promise to tell you more soon, on a need to know basis natch. In the meantime chill, grab a brewsky or a white wine, sit back and enjoy The Greatest Beer Run Ever...

One mans journey, John “Chickie” Donohue a merchant marine from New York, to sneak into the war zone in Vietnam and deliver beer to his three enlisted buddies from back home.

25 April 2016


I went along to his morning's ANZAC Day service at the Mount Lawley War Memorial with around 2000+ other people. So good to see everyone come out despite the rain. It was an 8 am start, I kind of prefer to go to a smaller service in the suburbs these days as the main dawn service at Kings Park has grown so large (that's a good thing) but I feel a bit disconnected to the service there, not so at the smaller ones.
Morley Army Cadets
The Morley Cadets waiting to form the guard of honour
I have no love of war, in fact I am extremely anti war, but I don't let this affect what I feel is a sense of duty to honour those who have had war forced upon them by either an oppressor or a politician. It wasn't their fault. I especially use ANZAC Day to honour those members of my family who served in the armed forces, I've posted about them before.
Then came the rain
The guard of honour in place
Now can we just stop killing each other? That'd be a really cool thing to do yeah.

22 April 2016


Today is not a good day

Words cannot express right now.

His influence on my musical growth as a teen in the 80's and then into the 90's is immeasurable

16 April 2016


I grew up with this show, kind of at the end of it's popularity and on it's umpteenth untold rerun, (hey I'm not that old) but it was a fav. I stumbled across these screenshots from a classic 1962 episode called Las Venus. I'm sure you can make the connection to it's current day counterpart. I seriously love the artwork from this era of cartoons...
George and Jane Jetson go on their honeymoon vacation in outer space to Las Venus and send Elroy, Judy to their grandma and Astro to play with the dogs at the Kennel. George and Jane spend their romantic time at the hotel in Las Venus gambling a little, they have fun until Mr. Spacely calls George on the video phone and asks him to setup a contract for General Rotors and meet the manager. George finds out it's a woman named Gigi Galaxy. When the dance contest starts at both of the hotels George must spend time between Jane and Gigi. When Mr. Spacely arrives things get more complicated for George and has to tell both Gigi and his wife Jane the truth.