19 August 2014


I like that there's dudes just catchin some rays (bottom left), aint lettin no pesky war get in the way of a tan

18 August 2014

THE HOOD # 284

Continuing with the Leederville goodness from the weekend

A collective of street artists and their sharpies
The Good Shepherd
On the wall of the Good Shepard Night Club
What do you call a group of shoes? A bundle? A murder? Nope that's crows right?

15 August 2014

THE HOOD # 283

I've been meaning to hit up the walls of Leederville for a while now. Some fresh pieces have made me get my butt out there, But first up a wall by The Yok and Sheryo that's almost a year old now. On the side of The Good Shepherd Nightclub

The Yok and Sheryo
The Yok


New music. Crank it cos it's almost the weekend

12 August 2014


Premonitions by Vaults

Brain by Banks


Everybody dies right? 

When I awoke to this news I was truly gutted. Heaps of celebrities die and you think to yourself, that's sad, sad for their families, sad for their friends and fans and sometimes sad for you right? Because maybe you liked them, maybe they'd connected with you at one time, maybe they'd made you laugh or cry This guy made me cry with laughter. Many many many times. 

The only comedian for whom I would stop what I was doing, sit down and watch. You just knew the next few minutes were gonna be crazy, a controlled out of control crazy. You were gonna laugh so hard, smile so hard. I think when someone makes you that happy, so often, you feel very connected to them. Even though you've never actually met, you just feel in some way that you kind of have. 

The sadness of a clown. It's so true, sadly, so often

"Do you think God gets stoned? I think so… look at the platypus." 

11 August 2014


I actually have a back log of pieces that our "European street art correspondent" Antony has sent through, but I'm gonna jump the queue a bit with these two. Cos I like em a whole lot...

artist unknown

09 August 2014


Some awesome pics of St Georges Terrace as it once was...

The early years
Stotts & Bank of Adelaide buildings, cnr Howard St. c1926
The intersection of Barrack St and St Georges Tce, looking up towards the Town Hall 
looking east down the terrace, c1930's
Looking west from William St, 1952
Eastern End of St George's Terrace 1955.
The buildings either side of London Court, 1955.
London Court (right)
Moirs Chambers, cnr Barrack and St Georges Tce, 1946.
Note the underground toilets (bottom left) and the CML building (top right)
 Alexander Forrest statue, cnr Barrack and St Georges Tce and the Treasury Building (rear left)

The Barracks which once stood at the western end of the Terrace, now just the forlorn arch remains

08 August 2014

THE HOOD # 282


A couple of older pieces i've been meaning to post for a while now - artist: The 169

Prince Lane - Wellington St end
Paste Up
Wolf Lane

05 August 2014


Loving the marketing for the movie These Final Hours, posters are popping up all around the place and have a real The End Is Nigh feel to them...

These Final Hours

03 August 2014


A few random pieces from around the traps...

C3PO by JXD perfectly placed (William St) where R2D2 by Dolus was previously (see below)
R2 Can 2
Dolus's R2D2 spray can
Octo Alien
Octopus like Alien and a cat watchin the peeps go by in Fremantle 
Full Cream Dream
Sticker art - Fremantle