03 September 2015


I'm not sure why I'm writing this, I rarely get deep and personal on here. Yet I think by venting it will help me push forward. The problem is that my life has come to a cross roads of sorts. At the start of the year I moved almost 4000 km's away from the only home i've really ever known, apart from a year living in England and Italy. I moved because I fell madly in love with an amazing girl. That part (the love bit) is fine, all good there, I'd move countries for this girl so opposite coasts is nothing. It's the rest that is causing me problems.

In moving I left my home, my friends and my career, yeah okay my career was probably about to divert anyway, but I left the foundations of my career in archaeology. Now I find myself in a city that is foreign to me in many ways. The climate is something i've never had to deal with before on such a scale. Perth is perpetually sunny and warm, Ballarat is perpetually cloudy and cold. It's depressing, the sunlight that I took for granted really shaped my mental state of mind. Sunlight is energy and without it it's a struggle. Constant rain hampers what you do, the whole lifestyle over here is inside focused, rarely do you get the opportunity to go lie in a park and read a book or stroll down to a cafe and sit outside with a cold drink, these things are somewhat lost to me now. It's the little things that get to you.

It's difficult for me in that while I may often be the life of the party guy I'm massively insecure around groups of people, I just hide it well, but it's hell on the inside. Plus it's easy with my friends, I feel comfortable with them. I'm not comfortable with the 100,000 people who occupy this place. Not yet anyway.

I've chosen to study this year, making it a fully transitional year. I'm not sure I chose the thing to study that I should have. But I'm almost finished so soon that will be over. Then I need to get a job, but that's not looking so great, there really aren't a whole lot of job openings for an archaeologist with a Grad Dip in Museum Studies in this town. I tell myself I'll be happy with whatever I do, but deep down I really want to continue with my passion for archaeology, or at least with something similar. Time will tell on that one.

Then there's the big one, friends. God I miss my friends, I miss calling them up and going down to Northbridge for a quick cheap bite to eat over a nice bottle of wine. I miss inviting them over to my place for dinner on the deck watching the sun set over the city. I miss hanging out with them at their place, at their birthdays, bumping into them in the street or at the shops. Catching a movie with them or grabbing a cold beer of three down at the Rosemount on a warm Saturday afternoon. I miss that life, I really do.

So now I have a new place to live and I need to lay down some roots here, I need a home home, I need some local friends other than my partners friends. I need to make those friends naturally, in my own way, not by being introduced to someone because someone else thinks we'd really get along. That's not how it works, friendships, not with me anyway. It's an organic process that rarely gels. But when it does, it's forever.

So, this is what I'm gonna do,..

  • I'm gonna finish this stupid university course
  • I'm gonna get a job that I like
  • Through that I will no doubt meet people with common interests and sense of humour and make some new friends in the process
  • I'm gonna buy a house
  • I'm gonna unpack all of the boxes still sealed in the garage of the rental were living in now
  • I'm gonna reclaim some of my old life and re-establish it here in this new place
  • I'm gonna grow old here with the girl I love 
  • and I'm gonna start enjoying life again
I just need to get through these last 4 assignments, god they suck.

01 September 2015


no further description required

Orchard Street at Canal Street on the Lower East Side, New York City


Prepare yourselves for an eighties mind explosion with fresh stuff from this four piece out of Melbourne, Australia.

21 August 2015


New music from Halsey, awesome singer/songwriter out of New Jersey, she has a mesmerizing voice, just loving all her stuff right now. I couldn't find an actual clip for my fav song 'Is There Somewhere' so I'll post this audio clip and one of her singing the same track live at Boston Calling earlier this year. She has an EP out called Room 93 and I just pre-ordered her new debut Badlands, should be mine in a few weeks.

ahhh here's an actual clip (lil bit NSFW but not really, anyway why are you reading my blog at work slacker?)


Take an abandoned amusement park in Weston Super Mare, in the south west of England, add a whole bunch of Banksy and you end up with Dismaland. An apocalyptic theme park, a nice alternative. I wonder if Banksy read my blog post from 2 years ago and got the idea from there?! If so I'll be needing flights and some free entry tickets k thanks.
Are you looking for an alternative to the soulless sugar-coated banality of the average family day out? Or just somewhere cheaper. Then this is the place for you—a chaotic new world where you can escape from mindless escapism. Instead of a burger stall, we have a museum. In place of a gift shop we have a library, well, we have a gift shop as well.
It's not just Banksy though, there's a heap of other artists contributing pieces, including Escif, Maskull Lasserre, Kate McDowell, Paco Pomet, Dietrich Wegner, Michael Beitz, Brock Davis, Ronit Baranga and a few others.

Oh and there's going to be a Jimmy Saville themed Punch and Judy Show, hoping for video of that!

19 August 2015


I seriously had no idea how many nuclear weapons have been detonated on our planet. Of course I knew they'd tested one prior to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I knew the US and the Soviets had done testing during the cold war, then of course France (as in these incredible and equally horrific photos), China and the Brits (mostly here in Australia). I knew that India and Pakistan did some and that Israel has some but I wasn't sure if they'd tested any and finally I knew that North Korea had tested twice.

The 1970 French 914-kiloton Licorne ('Unicorn') test on the Fangataufa atoll 

So with all of that I figured maybe 200 odd tests all up... yeah right, oh what a naive fool I have been. The number of nuclear weapon explosions on our tiny little third rock from the sun is 2153 (although some sources vary, Wikipedia says 2119). Holy shit! That is a bat shit crazy number!

The gang at Orbitalmechanics.io have put together this video which shows every single one of the explosions, their location, date and size. Most appear as small dots in the kiloton size range, but wait until you see the Tsar bomb detonated by the Russians, 50 megatons. Ridiculously monstrous in its size, done purely to thumb their noses at the US, it destroyed every building within a 55km radius.

Can we just stop now please.

17 August 2015


This is most awesome, photographer Jane Long takes old portrait photos and adds a little something extra to them. Quite lovely and surreal, I'll post a few here but head over to her site and see them all, it's definitely worth it...

14 August 2015


I rarely post anonymous peeps random street art photos on here, confining it to shots that I snapped for the most part, but in this instance I am going to make an exception. Spotted in New York recently...

too good

13 August 2015


Just the other day I did another post on the lost art of van art. I now stand corrected with this stunning unit, Dan's Space Van. Look at that magnificent airbrush work. The best part of this discovery however is the interview with Col. Chris Hadfield, arguably the best known modern day astronaut,  as he cruises around in this awesome van, enjoy...

Photo credit  Col. Chris Hadfield https://twitter.com/Cmdr_Hadfield

11 August 2015


Checkin back in with Davey Dance, this time round it's Common People on Boston Common
(bonus, you get some William Shatner with this one)

For new viewers a recap: 

DaveyDanceBLOG. A project started while traveling Europe during Spring 2007. Armed only with an ipod and a Canon, Davey picks a location and a pop song. Then Davey records an improvised dance.

Just for fun mute the music one time to get the full passers by experience
then click here for much more Davey Dance

10 August 2015


The art of Transit Van spray painting. Pretty much lost from our streets now. Some would say that was a good thing, others would say it is an art form now lost to the ages. You tell me.

No it's just a trick, really, it's a van
The Vat Mobile? That's all I got
Ladies, it's Cool Breezer... all night long
With matching boat, like that extra set of steak knives "But wait there's more"

06 August 2015


"Let's go and ride the night tram"
"But it's below zero out there!"
Sometimes you gotta step outside your comfort zone, even if that zone is warm and toasty. So I did, and I'm glad I did, it was fun, cold fun but great fun. The trams stopped rolling through Ballarat in 1971, like most cities around this time, some even before, trams were considered antiquated and gotten rid of. Such a horrible horrible mistake. At least Melbourne had the foresight to keep them, sadly their old rolling stock is being phased out and the romance is going with them but the practicality remains. How I wish Perth had never gotten rid of theirs...

I digress, fortunately through the hard work of a bunch of enthusiast volunteers some trams remain in Ballarat. The track available is limited to a stretch by the lake but it's still pretty cool. They have a heap of trams, most in working order with some being rebuilt. They're even fixing up an old dining tram which they will hopefully roll out in a months time. So back to last night... it was the first fee for service night tram to run in Ballarat since 1971, a little bit of history that we got to be a part of, a very reasonable $4.00 fare and they even threw in crocheted rugs to warm our legs. It's only a little thing but Ballarat does some quirky cool stuff from time to time.

I was too busy geeking out to take photos so cheers to Liana for snapping some

The Number 33 rolls out of the depot
Crocheted warmth
There were actually 5 fire twirlers, I have no idea where they went
Our conductor gave us a brief history of the Ballarat trams during the ride
No electric switches here, the driver has to get out and manually switch the overhead cable, 
More crocheted toastiness
Getting an impromptu tour of the interior of the dining cart they are renovating
As well as the exterior

03 August 2015


I am somewhat drawn to old things, or the remains of old things. I love abandoned stuff, I love old historic signs and advertising faded on the sides of buildings. So driving Route 66 a few years ago was my idea of all things old and abandoned heaven. I've been revisiting these on Instagram lately, below is a few of the shots i've been posting...

Amarillo, Texas
Kingman. Arizona
Seligman, Arizona
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tucumcari, New Mexico
Kingman, Arizona
Vega, Texas
Houck, Arizona

01 August 2015


Time for the second instalment in this series. Whilst the previous post focused on Egyptian street life in 1920, this one moves indoors and into the homes of Egyptians in the mid to late 1800's
Coptic Houses, Cairo, ca. 1860. Photographer Wilhelm Hammerschmidt
Old buildings in the Touloun quarter of Cairo. Examples of highly decorated “mashrubiyeh” windows. (Photo by Topical Press Agency Getty Images). Circa 1880
Cairo. Egyptian Home (Interior), ca. 1865
Cairo. Egyptian Home (Interior, Staircase), ca. 1865.
Cairo. Egyptian Home (Interior), ca. 1865