18 April 2015


Check out this bad ass guitar duo - Rodrigo y Gabriela

and this beautiful song with Øystein Greni from Norway's Bigbang

Last year in Oslo I met Øystein Greni, frontman of one of the biggest and most influential Norwegian bands of the last 10 years Bigbang. Gab and I were first introduced to the band years ago when we saw a live performance from them on a cultural Mexican TV station.  
In December 2013 I caught Bigbang live in Oslo and after the show I met Øystein and we became friends straight away. Months later I visited Norway again and after going on a good long run though the Norwegian woods we ended up at his place playing old vinyl records from his huge collection. 
He introduced me to a song called Natures Way from an American band from the 60's called Spirit and I thought it was a great song! Right then we decided to record it without having any plans to release it in any way shape or form. A few days later we met at a studio in Oslo, and after the success of the session we decided to give it a serious try. A month later, during our summer tour in the States, I showed Gab the track and she loved it! 
In September, before we started our autumn tour in Europe, she recorded her guitars back at our studios in Mexico and the track was ready! In October the video was shot without any big plans ahead, just for the love of it. A bunch of young and talented Norwegian film makers wanted a song for an idea they had in mind. They called Øystein asking if he had a track they could use and he offered them Nature’s Way.  
Three days later and we had an outstanding video and in complete harmony with the lyrics of the song. 
This song is not part of any album either from Rodrigo y Garbriela or from Øystein. We hope you like it and if you do please share it with your friends. 
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Edit: It looks like they have released Natures Way, I just found it on iTunes, album is called 9 Dead Alive (Natures Way Edition)

12 April 2015

THE HOOD # 307

We're travelling to Bendigo for this edition of The Hood. It was actually really nice to see some actual street art, Ballarat is very sparse in this regard. Not the greatest shots because I took most of them at night and I'd had a couple of cold beverages just prior...

Be Free
Chancery Lane
Let's Cook

08 April 2015


Not mine, my girls, but thanks for almost commenting with a happy birthday... you know you were gonna right?! We took a trip up to Bendigo for a two day visit, passing through a few small towns on the way up and on the way back. This has resulted in more trips being planned because those small towns were mostly gorgeous and definitely warrant further investigation. All up we did a pile of stuff and saw some cool things...

Chooks 2
Mingled with some free range chooks out the back of the Bean & Barrow in Creswick
Magistrates CourtBendigo Magistrates Court
Admired some cool architecture in Bendigo
Saw a huge Cathedral
Rounded some corners
Crossed a bridge
Rosalind Park
Enjoyed some park life
Dodged a tram or two
Spotted some bats
Stayed in a funky hotel : The Schaller Studio
Bouchon 3
Ate some really good French Food
The Capital
Saw some Corinthian Columns
VW Camper
Visited a VW car show
The Imperial
And finished it off with a visit to the Imperial in Castlemain

01 April 2015


In the course of my current uni studies I got to read up on this particular block of estate flats in Sheffield, England. A massive example of Brutalist Post-War Modernism architecture, built after the war to service the chronic housing shortage, it had fallen into disrepair over the years.

I lived in England for a bit and I never truly appreciated the architectural beauty of the "council flat" estates. I still don't really, a lot of them were just plain horrible. But not all. As vast and all encompassing as this estate is, it has a certain beauty and charm in its form.

It was nice to discover that unlike a lot of these estates, this one has undergone a renaissance. It's been completely restored and now looks better than it has for a long time.

A new lease of life that has won architectural awards and praise from all quarters. Now if only there was the money to fix all of the other estates in the UK like this

29 March 2015


I've been posting a few shots of vintage Americana motel signs of late over on my Instagram feed. I snapped these shots during our 2012 road trip along Route 66.  Think I'll share them here too, Some I may have posted before, most I wouldn't have, more soon.

Pow Wow Trading Post
The Pow Wow Trading Post, Flagstaff, Arizona
Roadrunners Retreat Restaurant
All that remains of the Roadrunners Retreat Restaurant in the Mojave Desert near Amboy, California.
Sun and Sand Motel
Sun and Sand Motel. Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Westward Ho Motel
Westward Ho Motel. Alamosa, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
Roy's Motel Cafe
Roy's Motel Cafe, Amboy, California

28 March 2015


A friend just shared a link to some awesome street art found in Kathmandu, Nepal. The BBC Richer World team visited recently and noticing how good the graffiti was they created this album. Some examples below, click the link for the rest (Artists unknown unless stated)...

Artist: Daas
Artist: Deadline

25 March 2015


Beaufort St

It might be the hay fever that's causing me not to be able to study, which in turn is making me feel glum, which leads to homesickness, which makes me do this blog post in an attempt to cure that, which fails and makes me more homesick. BUT, you get these cool vintage photos of Beaufort St as it cut it's way through my old village, Mount Lawley/Highgate/Inglewood as a result...

Beaufort St, this is what the Planet Video Store and Planet Book store once looked like, now a Mexican take away
Queens Hotel (pre beer garden). Oh so many beverages have been consumed here over the years
The Astor Theatre, thankfully this still looks very much the same
I'd mention what these shops are used for now except they change hands so often, but you should recognise them, opposite  the Beaufort St Merchant
Once the R&I Bank, now a Dome Cafe
One of my fav haunts in the 80's, it now has an extension on the front and has been empty for years (last used as The Pony Club)
That bend in the road, Beaufort St Inglewood, complete with Trams

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