19 November 2014

THE HOOD # 300

And the walls came tumbling down

There used to be a cinema in Fremantle along Adelaide St, I vaguely remember it. Last week that building was torn down, no great loss, it was an ugly building with no redeeming architectural features whatsoever. Standard 70's quick brown brick pop up stuff - note that I do like 70's architecture. What is sad is the lane way wall at the back of it that had some cool pieces by Sofles, Hosae, Social Club and Fintan Magee (to name a few) on it, now crumbled under the wrecking ball.

Also I just noticed that this is the 300th blog post in this series (The Hood) sad that it has to be about the destruction of the old and not the usual celebration of the new.

It Begins
Fintan Magee
Hosae - photo courtesy of Perthstart
Social Club - photo courtesy of Perthstart

16 November 2014


The art of Transit Van spray painting. Pretty much lost from our streets now. Some would say that was a good thing, others would say it is an art form now lost to the ages. You tell me.,,

Dragon lady with no money for clothes?
Multi award winning - man I really hope that awesome building in the background is still standing
My other van is a yacht
I'm sorry, I don't even know what is happening here
I dub thee Sir Vanalot

14 November 2014


I was looking through some old pics on my Flickr account and found this, I'm pretty chuffed with this photo and surprised that it's taken me 2 years to notice it. I guess I uploaded it with a heap of other Route 66 pics and it just slipped past me...

Bluewater Motel

You can view a larger version over at my other large format blog YeLPanorama

12 November 2014

OLD PERTH # 271906

A few shots of the Causeway throughout it's numerous forms.

The original 1843 bridge
The second Causeway 1906
Looking towards Vic Park
Tram line mania
Peak hour
Construction of the new third causeway in 1951

09 November 2014

THE HOOD # 299

Amok's giant fish in Leederville

Amok Fish
Histrio Histrio
Histrio Histrio aka Sargassum Frogfish

04 November 2014


This just in: I am moving from my lifelong home of Perth. So many things have changed in my life in the past year and as a result I am off, scarping, shootin through, outta here. I should resurface on the east coast around mid December. Surprise destination (not all that exotic) to be revealed then.


This has meant that the most unpleasant task of packing is now upon me, so much to do, life eh? On the weekend I had to dismantle my most awesome pin up board. 14 years in the making, so many memories, so many god damn pins ... ouch. It truly was a magnificent creation. People were known to kneel before its magnificence in unadulterated awe. So many memories in one space and I unearthed some great stuff under the layers as it came apart...

Photobooths of the ages
Luscious Linda
Luscious Linda
Waz clinging
Lulu and Art
Lulu and the art of Oliver
Karks project
Kark's architecture project
Vespas in Roma
Lulu calls it as she sees it
I had no idea this was on there, it always made me chuckle
Good times

03 November 2014

THE HOOD # 298

Fantastic piece by JXD along Newcastle St and continuing up Via Torre Lane in Northbridge. The quote is by Carlos Fuentes and has never been more apt than right now ...

Recognise yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.

Carlos by JXD

01 November 2014


I have just finished watching a documentary on Marlon Brando and it's brought back a pile of memories of when I cooked for him for a week in London.

It was in 1988, I was working at The Halcyon Hotel in Kensington. I've written about that hotel before and I know I wasn't exclusively cooking for him but this was a small kitchen brigade, 8 chefs in total so you kind of did cook directly for the guests ... often. You did the breakfast shift on your own, there was only ever 4-5 of us on at any one time and it had a personal feel about it. I think there was only 40 rooms all up plus the restaurant. Very exclusive and very expensive.

Marlon checked in sometime in 88, he had just completed work on a film called A Dry White Season, his first film in almost 10 years, he wasn't even the star and yet he was nominated for an academy award for his role. The man was a god. He was staying at the hotel for a week to "rest and recuperate" from the role, or so we were told. He was to leave from there and begin shooting his next film, The Freshman with Matthew Broderick.

He, like most celebrities, checked into the hotel under a pseudonym, I seriously can't recall what it was, but we were all told which fake name on the guest list was his. We were told because we were given special instructions on how to interact with him if we every crossed paths. There wasn't much chance of us chefs bumping into him unless he got into the wrong lift in the lobby. There was a guest lift and a service lift, the service lift went down to the basement and opened up right near the kitchen. Guests would often get in this lift by mistake and assume the bottom button was the lobby, I still remember quite clearly turning to be greeted by an absolutely shit faced Rod Stewart being pulled back into the service lift by an equally drunk cohort. He managed to yell "orrright?!" at me as the door closed. So rock and roll!

Not much chance of Brando doing that as it turned out, he hardly left his room or his bed, the hotel had wheeled in a big screen TV and a stereo system for him, all with remote controls so he could operate them from his bed. The door to his suite was left open for most of the day so room service could easily wheel in the food he ordered, he ordered a fair bit.

Now back to those special instructions given to all staff. If anyone was to cross paths with Mr Brando they are to remain talking with him until he decided they should leave. In other words, nobody was allowed to just say hello and keep moving. If Brando wanted company... you gave him company. This instruction often caused chaos in the kitchen. As I mentioned this was a small boutique hotel with 40 rooms, so there were often only two room service waiters on at any time. So this is how the problem usually unfolded.

Brando orders some food, I or one of the other chefs cooked this food for him and one of the room service waiters took it up, standard really. That waiter would inevitably enter his room, place the food tray down and not leave for another 2 hours. Brando would corner him or her and talk. I have never been so jealous of a waiter in my life. "Whatcha do at work today?" "Oh nothin much, talked about shit with Marlon Brando for a few hours, that's all". Those lucky, lucky bastards.

Of course this just meant the other room service waiter now had 39 rooms to service, that had to suck, it sure sucked in the kitchen with orders backing up, the head chef screaming at the restaurant manager to get one of his staff in to clear the back log, the restaurant manager pleading that he had none to spare and so on and so on.

There were other stories like the woman who came in for a couple of hours each day to change and arrange the flowers throughout the hotel, I bumped into her one lunch time and commented that she was here late, she just looked at me and said "Brando".

Then one morning that fake name was no longer on the guest list. I remember thinking to myself that this was pretty cool. I was just a young guy from little old Perth who loved to cook and now he was cooking for Marlon Brando and Lauren Bacall and Richard Harris and laughing at Rod Stewart. There were worse ways to make a living.

31 October 2014


Yet another awesome clip by the OK GO lads. Shot in one continuous shot in slow motion and sped up

in case you're wondering how they did it, check this out
now I gotta get's me one of those one wheelers

30 October 2014


I first stumbled upon the poor abandoned ugly couch with the unfortunate upholstery one morning on my walk to work. I felt sorry for it, it didn't choose that pattern, it was thrust upon it. It also didn't choose to be abandoned on a curb...

The next day as I passed by it had become apparent that the night had not been kind to the poor abandoned ugly couch with the unfortunate upholstery. It had suffered many indignities...

But then... SUDDENLY POLICE! Perhaps salvation was here for the poor abandoned ugly couch with the unfortunate upholstery...

But alas no, the poor abandoned ugly couch with the unfortunate upholstery was still there the very next morning...

But then, I was met with this! What had happened? Was this a crime scene? Had the upholstery bled onto the concrete and forensics taken away the footpath as evidence? Oh the humanity... or should that be couchmanity?!

Nope ... found it, cowering in a nearby lane way. Poor abandoned ugly couch with the unfortunate upholstery, what will become of you?

Edit: Okay, this sounded funnier in my head as it unfolded in front of me each day. So apologies if you just read through all of that lol.

29 October 2014


So we awoke this morning to images of the spectacular failure of the`Antares rocket on lift off, reminding us all of the risks involved in space flight. On the same day we received this photo via the rover Opportunity on Mars. Reminding us of the awesomeness of space flight...

THE HOOD # 297

Part 2 of the awesome wall along Olive St in Subiaco. Part 1 can be found here.

Pooch by RLSM
Pooch by RLSM
Face by RLSM
When Pikachu's explode!
When Pikachus explode by I'm The Boss
Artist unknown
Angry Birds
Another I'm The Boss piece
Olive St, Subiaco
And another by RLSM 
All the girls
And a section by Alex