09 September 2014

THE HOOD # 290

So this happened on the weekend. Local street artist Fergus McFudge dropped this piece (with the help of Amok, Hosae and The Butcher Shop) in a lane way in Highgate as a marriage proposal to his girl Bree. She ticked yes.

Bree 01
Bree 02
Bree 03
Bree 04
Bree 05

08 September 2014

THE HOOD # 289

Heading up Milligan St and I spotted something up high on a wall...

Tile insitu
upon closer inspection

06 September 2014


Driving through the city today I came upon this little incident. Apparently a fire truck hit the taxi which in turn spun it onto the footpath. Not a good day for that cabbie. I asked a cop if the driver was okay and he replied "Yeah he's fine" So I feel okay having a bit of a chuckle at it all...

Fire Brigade
the firies are having a chuckle
Thin Blue Line
the thin blue line, on bikes
inadvertent artistic shot

04 September 2014

THE HOOD # 288

I've stumbled over so many pieces by Dolus this past week, some a bit old but they're still hangin in there...


and for reference

02 September 2014


You may have listened to me crack on about my buddy D.Y.P before, well deal with it because here comes some more. It is totally worth it too, so grab a listen to the new track he dropped for the Mrs Mac's Presents - A Creative Journey: Part 5 and check out the awesome vid released just moments ago...

I have seriously had this track on loop for a few days now

click through to soundcloud for a free download

01 September 2014


We visited this most awesome old Art Deco theatre in Como on the weekend. If you haven't caught a film here then you really should. It's pretty much untouched from its hey day. 

Now renamed the Cygnet, I think I prefer the Como 


The foyer is a bit special
And sure the seats aren't as comfortable as the modern megaplex ones but if it was good enough for your grandparents it's good enough for you right?

sittin in the posh seats up in the gallery
Saturday crowd
Saturday crowd
the mens toilets still have the original Deco urinals
Pano screen

Love this cinema, heading back soon enough

31 August 2014

THE HOOD # 287

Some more Wolf Lane action

Pilbara Destruction
Pilbara Destruction by Pixel Pancho
C3 and R2
C3 smears R2 by JXD
Two pieces by DOLUS

28 August 2014


We caught the Mythbusters Behind the Myth Tour last night at the Perth Arena. My first time in the new arena and my first time at a show like this. 

Arena verdict: The arena is pretty cool, works well and crowd flow was nice, no major waits for food or drinks either.

Show verdict: Wow, great fun, completely pointless at times and no myths busted but so what. laughed out loud a pile of times, learnt a couple of things and the finale with the paint ball gun consisting of 4 fully automatic barrels firing 4,800 rounds per minute was the most uber geekingly awesome thing I have ever seen. I need one. Fourth row seats were pretty sweet too.

Some pics and a vid of the final act

Adam and Jamie 
Gargantuan head
The gargantuan head that sat in front of me the entire show, look at my view... look at it
Crowd sourcing
Jamie rushes by
Adam up
Suspended by a phone book
Star wars scene
Not sure why this scene happened, an excuse to dress up I think, no biggie. I mean who doesn't love a stormtrooper?!
Giant head
Seriously look at the size of this head
Crowd Selfie
Jamie crowd selfie
and thenAdam rushes by
Preparing a dude in a suit of armour for the finale

4 fully automatic paint ball guns firing 4,800 rounds per minute. It's as awesome as it sounds

That's the show folks
Edit: Adding Adam and Jamie's selfie from the show, you can spot us if you look closely (hint - first 4 rows)

24 August 2014


Yesterday I was looking through my blog bookmarks. I think at the very peak, some 2 years ago, I had around 150 blogs marked. So many that I have them saved them in folders alphabetically. Now I have less than 80, I still have more to remove but I'm holding onto them purely for nostalgic reasons (sad I know). The reason I've been removing them is that those particular blogs have died a silent death. Blogs like Clusterflock and Clublife have ended because the owners/authors have simply stopped posting in them. Others like Waiter Rant have just become erratic posters, with barely a post. This is all a bit sad, sad for someone like me who loves blogs. Good blogs that is, they're hard to find.

So why has or is this happening? I guess for a multitude of reasons really. Let's just look at those three as examples. 

Clusterflock just felt it was time to move on, to do something else. So they announced a while back that it was time to shut up shop. 

Waiter Rant was so huge and so well written that inevitably the author scored a book deal, he appeared on Oprah and his book spent five weeks on the New York Times non-fiction best seller list in 2008. I bought that book, it was hilarious. Now he works in a hospital. His blog has lost its source of fresh stories, the bistro he managed, he's married and had a child. Life changes, priorities change and the blog pays the price. That's life, it happens that life thing and like us every blog has a start and end date.

Then there's Clublife, an awesome blog about a guy who worked as a doorman/bouncer in a bunch of New York night clubs. He mostly wrote about Guidos. Insanely funny at times, he too scored a book deal. That was the death of that blog, are you sensing a theme here? Well sadly this story is a bit more complicated than that. The author spent less time on his blog and eventually moved it across to another host, changed the focus of his writing and then as I found out yesterday ... he died. Yeah, he died in his early forties. I'm not sure how or what from, but he's dead. I felt like I knew him a bit, connected through reading his posts and his book, yet I knew very little about him. In fact by googling him yesterday I learnt a lot more about him and his many persona than I had known when he was blogging.

So three different and yet connected reasons for a blog closing or winding down. But I wonder if that's the most common reason for the death of the blog. Is it more because of, and I think this to be true, the rise of social media? Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have all kind of made everyone who uses these platforms into a blogger of sorts. Only that term isn't used to describe what they do, but it sort of actually does describe what they/we do. I've been posting on this blog for almost 10 years now (wow!) and I too have embraced all three of those alternate platforms. The difference between what blogs do and social media does has disappeared. They are but one.

So which of these four platforms attracts the most interaction? Not this blog, it's possibly the weakest of all of them (still my fav though). Sadly I fear the platform that is the blog is dying, if it's not already dead. Maybe if I'm among the last of the few left standing when Facebook eventually buys Twitter and re-brands itself as Facegramitter the remaining blogs will become cool safe havens away from the mega decca corp that social media will become. Ha, I too will probably be dead by then. The blog is dead, long live the blog.

23 August 2014

THE HOOD # 286

Cute as hell wall by Caroline Biggins (and possibly others?) down the end of Angove St, North Perth

Angove St