06 July 2015


Back in 1956, Melbourne hosted the summer Olympics with the rowing and canoeing events held in Ballarat on Lake Wendouree. It was a pretty big deal back then and there are still a few reminders of that time dotted around the lake. I snapped a few pics of those things when I was out exercising by the lake on the weekend.

First up a few photos from the events
Some of the crowd watching the action out on the lake.
The Australian 8 at the end of a race, possibly the final in which they won bronze to the USA (gold) and Canada (Silver)
Edith Cochrane, the only Australian competitor, in the 500 metres women's kayak event. Edith came 5th in the final
Sam Mackenzie of Australia (right) congratulates Vyacheslav Ivanov of the USSR after winning silver to Ivanov's gold in the single sculls
Australia's Dennis Green and Walter Brown prior to the start of the 10,000 metres kayak pairs. They went on to win bronze to Hungary (gold) and Germany (silver)

Olympic Rings
The Olympic rings

Rings and Flame
The Olympic rings and the cauldron for the flame

The rowing course to the center and left with the canoeing course on the right


This fantastic commemorative mosaic is a little worse for wear but still pretty cool. It hangs on the outside wall of the Ballarat Rowing Club

30 June 2015


As part of my quest to visit as many Victorian towns as possible, we road tripped into Queenscliff last Sunday. It's a pretty cool spot...

Main St
The main st
Vue Grand
The awesome looking Vue Brand Hotel
I think this is a private residence and if so... wow!
Ice cream
Also licorice ice cream was to be had

26 June 2015


Some recent snaps from my Instagram feed which you can follow if you are so inclined by clicking here or it's over there on the right in the sidebar. No particular theme, mostly just random captures...

I was putting my scrap board back together (dismantled for the move east) and turned over some of the old postcards I had pinned on there to reveal stories of friends holidays past, one dating back 24 years
Ballarat has an awesome cupcake shop which I may have visited (did visit)
There's a few of these old vintage advertising signs around Ballarat, this one's on the wall of the Royal Oak Hotel and I discovered that the red nosed gent is called Ballarat Bertie
Completely in love with this font on an otherwise nondescript shop in Ballarat
Also in love with this fifties era deli in Alfredton, it hasn't changed a bit since it was built

22 June 2015


I'm a huge fan of Above and Beyond and they have a very awesome track called Walter White, so when they opened at the  Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas a couple of nights ago... well this happened...

how good was that? Epic!
here's the whole track if you're so inclined

THE HOOD # 311

Wall by Daek William.
More snaps from my recent trip home. Northbridge, Western Australia.

Daek detail
Daek William

19 June 2015


New Music. 
An awesome new EP from Bronze Whale, you can grab it on iTunes Australia for $8.99 or iTunes in the USA for $4.99. So what's up with that ridonk discrepancy in pricing? But that's an argument for another day, in the meantime have a listen to this...

18 June 2015


Some classic 1970's motel architecture right in the heart of all that heritage. Ballarat is full of surprises.

Mid City
Motel Mid City

15 June 2015


... sometimes you get it very very wrong

To clarify, I love Ballarat, the place is steeped in history and best of all, for the most part, they've kept and preserved that history. Unlike my home town of Perth, but don't get me started on that. Sometimes though Ballarat doesn't get it quite right and the locals will tell you there's been a lot that hasn't been preserved, even though it looks pretty fine to me. But I get their point and i've noticed some of what they mean myself as I wander the city. So here's a couple I snapped yesterday, they're doing the Perth city planners proud.

What the hell was anyone thinking when they approved this? I stare at this building every time I pass by it. I find it completely dumbfounding. It's like they wanted to preserve it and came up with this "wonderful" compromise. The only thing compromised here is my brain as it struggles to comprehend this each time.

Someone designed this, someone approved this and someone built this, wtf?
That's actually a pretty cool facade
Then there's the Peter Lalor Hotel, which used to be known as the Royal Highlander Hotel and used to have an awesome ornate lace verandah. Ballarat still has a heap of verandahs on its old buildings, but not here...

Now it just looks like this, with some hideous horizontal slat shades across the entire upper floor. Why they need that much shade in this city is beyond me. It looks kind of creepy and somewhat zombie proof. I suppose if you're gonna hold up somewhere during the zombie apocalypse you may as well do it where there's beer...
Peter Lalor

I'll post much more cooler Ballarat stuff soon, but for the time being scratch your heads to these.

11 June 2015

THE HOOD # 310

During my visit back to Perth in April I did my usual wander the streets and lane ways of my old hood, snapping photos of all the good things I stumbled across, mostly street art of course and here's some of them by various artists...

Artist: Curiot
Hayley's Rat
Artist: Hayley Welsh
Jerkface n Sammybats
Artists: Jerkface and Sammybats
Small Steps
Artist: Hayley Welsh
Unknown Artist
Artist: Unknown
Artist: Unknown, possibly Doofus?
The Avengers
Artist: I'm the Boss

Hawkwinstonhawk (Bruno Booth)
Artist: Hawkwinstonhawk (Bruno Booth)

10 June 2015


Along the lines of my Old Perth series, I'm going to start an Old Egypt one. Mostly because old photos from out of Egypt are quite awesome to look at. Lots more to come, so drop by again soon.

Egyptian street life in 1920 (photographer unknown)