15 April 2014


I couldn't not take a photo of these, gotta love rural ingenuity and the can do mentality. Shire wont pay for a seat, no worries... sorted!

Bus Stop

10 April 2014

THE HOOD # 261

Nintendo Gamer

I've been meaning to snap this piece for a while now, best post it before I put up the Public.Form pics (there's gonna be a fair few of them)

09 April 2014

1865 JAPAN

Some absolutely awesome hand coloured photos from Japan, taken in 1865. There's a further 30 photos here.

07 April 2014


Following today's court ruling I feel it's an opportune time to do a repost of this piece from almost exactly 3 years ago.

Hey Kids 02

I think it's still there too, along Carr St.

06 April 2014


I was lucky enough to spend a day last week doing some archaeology in the forest near Waroona.

05 April 2014


Some awesomeness on the way to work this week...

To be honest I admire his "Couldn't care less, I'm hairy, so I'll say it loud and proud" attitude to life.

Edit: He has a Facebook tribute page and his name is Mr Murray

THE HOOD # 260

Fresh stuff from Stormie Mills on Fitzgerald St

Bit sad that I got there too late and the scaffolding was up, building is being demolished so it will be gone soon. In the interests of keeping a record, here is the piece just after it was completed. Photo by Stormie himself...

31 March 2014


Some great old shots of Barrack St, the Barrack St Bridge and the Horseshoe Bridge

Some people connect Barrack St with the Barrack's Arch at the top of St Georges Tce but that's not the case, different barracks in fact. It was named for the military barracks, built in 1829, that existed along the road at the corner of St Georges Terrace.

Barrack St (Cnr Wellington) southbound
Same spot, corner of Wellington and Barrack St, 1957. Complete with trams, oh why do we not have trams anymore.
Barrack St, northbound with Town Hall on the right, 1920

Barrack Street, south from the Hay Street intersection 1956.

Barrack St Bridge, looking south 
Horseshoe Bridge 1905

Horseshoe Bridge 1966

29 March 2014


A few more shots of some cool pieces in Gdansk Poland, via our holidaying Norwegian correspondent Antony.


The Sony Bouncing Balls advert is still one of my favs and responsible for introducing me (and millions more) to Jose Gonzalez. Now i've just spotted Sony's new campaign, this time using coloured flower petals and the photography of Nick Meek...

You can catch the other awesome photos in this series at Nick Meek's website.

28 March 2014


The following resulted from a twitter chat I just had with if you tweet you should follow him as he posts some funny stuff. Anyways first up Deano posted this pic...


and here's that clip, it's a bit long but you can keep jumping forward and watching little bits until the part where she offers it to others, which is the bit you should watch all of. Having ridden the New York subway a fair bit this year I really wished this had happened on one of my rides...


Yesterday morning as I left for work I opened my door to be greeted by this lil fella. He seemed to be wedged as bro...

I recognised him from last Sunday as I was out walking. He was in a brown paper bag dumped on the footpath. I figured that whoever owned him would be along shortly to collect him. But it seems not and somehow he managed to make it up the hill to my place and onto my fence. Again I expected his owner to come grab him so I headed off to work. 

When I got home that night he was still there, hanging on by a neck...

I said goodnight, he has a thick coat so he would be okay, it was a warmish night anyhow. 
He was still there as I headed out again this morning...

Surely today he would be collected and taken back to his home, how could anyone miss that colourful butt?

Alas I checked on him again tonight and the poor lil guy was still there, looking at me with those innocent eyes. What had he done to deserve this? Could he survive another night in the fence? I checked tomorrow's weather and it wasn't good. Showers. So I caved...

I couldn't leave him in the rain. His torment has ended and a new life begun. He has a new home and has been named Widget! I feel that he chose me so I have no choice. It's gonna be tough being a parent but I think I'm ready.

24 March 2014


warning - coarse language in this post because it needs coarse language

About a year ago I thought I'd seen it all, or at least the pinnacle of this sort of thing. I was driving south along the Kwinana Freeway approaching Shelley Bridge, when I glanced at the car to my right. What I saw made me instantly do one of those double takes you see in TV shows. The driver was reading a book. Yep, at 100 km/h they had perched on their steering wheel a small paperback and were glancing up and down as they both drove and read. Multi tasking at its finest or at the very least, at is stupidest.

This morning that all changed, because this morning that driver now has an equal. I was sitting in a traffic jam on Vincent Street waiting for the lights up ahead to change green when a car pulled up alongside me. I didn't look over at first but some movement in the corner of my eye made me glance right, that's when I saw this...

What's that? You're not sure what's happening? Well i apologise for the crappy picture but I have placed a nice red arrow pointing towards the topic of this rant. If you click on the pic it should enlarge and you should be able to make out the edge of a bowl and a spoon. Yep, this person was eating a bowl of cereal as they drove. A god damn bowl of fucking cereal.

I'll let you take a moment to absorb this because well, yeah a bowl of cereal.

So there's just three things I want to say about this...

Firstly, how fucking disorganised can your life be that you cannot get up 10 minutes earlier than you do, so you can sit at your table or on your couch or where the fuck ever it is that you eat your breakfast and not have to eat it out of a bowl in your fucking lap while you drive through peak hour traffic.

Secondly, because I hear you saying, "hey maybe they slept in", well if you slept in and really have to make an allotted appointment or can't be late to work AGAIN, or whatever, then maybe you could rethink your selection for breakfast that day. Might I suggest a muesli bar, or a piece of fruit, or maybe dip your kitchen sponge in some water and suck the moist remnants from last nights dinner plates out of that for the duration of your drive. But maybe don't put some cereal in a bowl and pour in some milk and eat it out of a bowl in your fucking lap while you drive through peak hour traffic.


A sidenote, as this person approached the lights and the car in front of them indicated to turn right onto Charles St, they decided to cross that solid white line at the intersection into my lane and cut me off as I prepared to turn left. I had to brake suddenly and of course hit my horn, this appeared to scare the shit out of them because they hadn't even looked first. 

I hope it scared the shit out of them enough that all of that milky cereal spilt into their fucking lap. What are you even doing with your life?

18 March 2014


Back when Perth's factories were all Modernist (I'm guessing 1940's and 50's here) in their design and frankly awesome looking. I've tried to identify where possible. If anyone can help out please drop a comment.

Cadbury Fry Pascall
Bestobell Asbestos And Engineering Australia Limited
G & R Wills Co Limited
EZI FIT Wills Industries
Dunlop Rubber Australia Ltd 
Western Australian Egg Marketing Board
(?) O'Connor Pty Ltd Manufacturing Engineers
Weld(?) Free Store Proprietary Limited
Credit to form1a for sharing this to the internet