30 January 2016


I mean seriously, who knew I could babble on about crap on here for eleven whole years. Well as of two days ago it turns out that I could. YeLPar, this blog, this entity, this thing that catalogues and collates the details my life and has done so for the past decade and some, just turned eleven years old. So obligatory birthday post now follows.

It's taken me two whole days to think of what to write here and I still don't quite know what that should entail but I'm sure it will unfold as I go. Normally I have no problem with words to fill these pages but right now my life is going through a big upheaval. I find I am suddenly and very unexpectedly on an unplanned path, one that I have no idea in which direction it travels. Couple this with a whole lot of personal heartbreak and sadness over the past two months means that I am not myself. But i've been here before and no doubt I will be here again, but seriously I hope not cos this really sucks. A part of me is also excited by the prospects that lay ahead and no doubt much of that will unfold on here, so stay tuned.

Piece by Ero Sennin aka "The Ox King" for Loser Unit, Newcastle St, Perth

I think the thing that stands largest in my life right now is my friends, those amazing people that I have been so very lucky to have in my life over the past god knows how many years. They have been who i've turned to at times like these and everyone one of them, to a person, has come through for me. I honestly don't know how I would have coped these past few months without them and I seriously don't know how I will ever repay them. Love I guess, it's mostly free and they've covered me in it of late, so I guess i'll just have to pay that back in kind. But I feel that's a bit cheap because i'd give it to all of them anyway, but I know they'd just argue that it's a two way street and that I should just shut up and accept it. That''s what friends say and do, right?

Thank fuck for friends ... and dogs, dogs are very cool too, a whole other level of unconditional love right there. Once I get my life sorted and back on track and i've laid down some roots again, a dog of my own is definitely on the cards.

But right now I'm about to head overseas and get away from my life, as it is, here right now. Take a few weeks to regroup in my head, have a little fun, relax and de-stress. man have I stressed lately, I've even stressed over going away on a holiday to de-stress, that's some next level stress right there my friend. So I may or may not post much on here for that period, but hey I may find posting on here something I want to do, I mean i've been doing it for 11 years so it must be enjoyable right? I just don't know if I'll be turning on the internet all that much, we'll see. 

24 January 2016


I find myself suddenly and unexpectedly at cross roads in my life... yet again. In the coming months I need to make some serious decisions that will affect how my remaining days on this planet unfold and the direction in which they will take. It's a complicated, sad and at times stressful period. I do tend to find in these moments, and i've had more than my fair share of these moments in my life so far, that I tend to look backwards before I look forward.

I'm not sure if it's a mechanism for determining how past mistakes were made or a way of gathering strength for what is to come, quite possibly it's both. Either way I found myself on a small journey into my past a few days ago. It wasn't planned, I just looked up and realised that I was near my grandmothers home, the one she lived in when I was a child, the house that I spent the first two years of my life in after my mothers death. Finding it wasn't easy.

The suburb is Cloverdale and the place has changed a whole lot since I was 12. I knew I just had to find the shops we used to go to with my Nan and the rest would be easy. Finding them was hard but I did and eventually I arrived at the corner where my grandparents house stood, the house my father lived in, sadly it was gone.
Dads home
Bulldozed a while back it seems, now just an over grown block filled with peoples junk. The house on the left was still there and this is a house I also spent a lot of years visiting. Once my grandfather died and my father and his siblings left home, my Nan moved into the smaller unit next door. It wasn't looking anything like I had remembered it either. Also run down and hardly any recognisable features remained.
This wasn't turning out as I had hoped, it certainly wasn't giving me any strength or direction. So I decided I had one final option, my childhood home, the place I spent my preteen years. A place filled with both happy and tragic memories. Maybe that could help me.

First stop was the shops we used to head to and get 10 cent bags of mixed lollies and frozen ices. I'm happy to report that it was all still there, in fact they'd even fancied it up a bit with paint and landscaping
Not so much the old petrol station, that was gone
But the doctors surgery where I had my tongue stitched up after cutting it playing on the backyard swing was still there
So now I'm feeling better, time to head to the old family home. Fingers crossed it was still there. It is and it's actually looking really good, better than I remember it even. My dads big old shed where I spent many hours cutting up wood and playing with my train set is even still standing out the back.
Highview Tce
But look at the tree in the front yard, it's huge. You can see it as a new planting in this pic of my sister playing near the letterbox (also in the above pic)
Ingrid at highview tce

Sometimes revisiting your past is sad and sometimes it's good, I scored a little of both on this trip

20 January 2016


I almost snapped my neck as I drove past and noticed these the other day. The recent demolition of a building on Guildford Rd in Maylands has unearthed these two gems. So a visit for a bit of urban archaeology was immediately called for...


The Wrights Limited one is my fav, mostly because of the old school click bait in the bottom right corner. Phone U 1050 You Won A Fiver 
Wrights Limited

It looks like this one is painted over an even older one, unfortunately I can't make out what it says from what's left
John E Mount

I really hope these are preserved

11 January 2016


David Bowie is dead

Only yesterday I was reading this wonderful album review in The New Yorker by Ben Greenman and then just now my social media platforms exploded and I mean exploded, with the news of Bowie's demise. I'm getting a huge lump in my throat and now I'm compelled to make this post. I don't do a lot of obituary posts, but how can I not for Bowie.
Bowie stood large and loud in my lifetime, there's simply too many songs of his to praise and rave about, you already know that. So I will simply leave you with some of his newer songs, let you enjoy this incredible music and mourn that which he had yet to give us and now never will...

and finally ...

Edit: finally finally

10 January 2016

THE HOOD # 316

Huge and beautiful piece by acclaimed Indonesian street artist Eko Nugroho, who visited Perth last year...

Eko Nugroho
Eko Train
Detail Eko
This wall has undergone a lot of evolution over the past few years, here's a shot of the same wall from 5 years ago
Moore St 02
more here

08 January 2016


Do I? I love going to the zoo, but only good zoos. Lucky for us Perth Zoo is a very good zoo, so much has improved since I was a kid and it makes for some fun photo ops...

Look at me
Popped out
Looking over
Lemur Lunch
Melon lunch 2
Tree Kanga
and I'm pretty sure this Pelican has seen some shit man
Seen Stuff

05 January 2016

THE HOOD # 315

Laneway Collective in Mount Lawley

I've done a lot of street art posts of late I know but yowzers, tis the season amiright?! On Sunday there was a quick paint up for the Laneway Collective in the car park behind the Flying Scotsman. I'm not sure all the ten artists who were on the bill turned up, as there's only seven (I think) pieces up at the moment. I slipped past early in the morning and grabbed a few prelim shots, headed back inside in the heat of the day and grabbed some final shots this morning. Unfortunately there's a bunch of cars in front of some of them now so I couldn't get all the shots I wanted but I got a few..

Getting started
Clara Fosca and Brenton See
Fosca and See
Jenkins and Melski
Robert Jenkins and Melski
Finished pieces by Jenkins and Melski
James Giddy

Brenton See

03 January 2016


I haven't done any real actual archaeology since April last year, so imagine my excitement when my housemate suddenly presents me with a small piece of old newspaper that he found under the house! Natch I had to know if there was anymore, I mean I needed a date. So some further investigation (mostly I sent him back under the house like a true assistant archaeologist) revealed even more sections of approximately 3 pages of the West Australian newspaper, all dated to Saturday, March 11th, 1961.

In 1961 John F Kennedy was president of the USA, Robert Menzies was the PM of Australia, the most popular movie of that year was The Absent Minded Professor and Chubby Checkers Pony Time was number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Meanwhile here in Perth, Western Australia, three people escaped a boat that exploded and sank near the North Mole and made it onto the front page.

Front page

The U.N was sending a plea to the Russians asking them not to explode a hydrogen bomb and I think expressing fear of nuclear debris drifting eastwards from Russia to the US and across the Great Lakes.

UN Bomb Plea

This one was extremely interesting, considering the recent terror attacks in Paris. This attack no doubt associated with the Algerian War of Independence (from France). Interesting that the assailant was described as a 'Moslem insurgent commando' in 1961, very different from how the attackers in Paris last year were described.

Also China looks to be ready to test its first nuclear weapon (that didn't actually happen until October 1964)


A brand new Triumph Herald Roadster could be yours for just £938. In the absence of email back then you need simply post in the coupon to obtain a test drive or the brochure.

Triumph Herald
A wonderful feature on a new immigrant to Australia. A Greek women named Maria Koulouri who upon arrival would be heading to meet her brother in Kalgoorlie. If anyone knows a Koulouri here in Perth make sure you point them towards this picture. They may be related.

Maria Koulouri

It would appear that the Great Northern Hotel in Geraldton were in need of both barmen and barmaids, in particular barmen who could kick a ball.


Oh how far we've come, back in 1961 you could make a career out of operating a calculator!

Calculator Operator

There's a few more bits over here in this Flickr album I made if you're interested