Time for some more Italy pics, this time Pompeii. It was one of the main reasons for my trip this time round. I'd never been and I regretted missing it last time. I took maybe 100 pics, so hard to choose which ones to put here. If you want you can scroll through them all here.

I think these capture the highlights though, nah there's heaps more, scroll away

This is one of the main streets of Pompeii and that's Mt Vesuvius in the back ground

Pompeii Street 1

Like any great Roman city it had an arena, you can't help but stop for a moment and think about all the death, all the exhilaration, all the sweat, lust and anger that once filled this space. Your mind drifts to all of this and yet you still can't really comprehend any of it.

Pompeii Arena 3
Pompeii Arena 4

One of the coolest things was seeing the frescoes on the walls of the houses, still fairly vibrant and colourful in all of their gaudiness. Loved it

Pompeii 14
Pompeii 13
Pompeii 12

These where something I'd heard about many times, archaeologists discovered cavities in the metres of ash and volcanic deposit that had buried the city, when they filled these cavities with plaster the forms of humans and animals alike appeared. All of them frozen forever at the moment of their death. Someone looking like they are praying, mothers with their children and a dog in writhing agony

Pompeii Artefacts - Human sitting
Pompeii Bodies 2
Pompeii Artefacts - Dog in agony

As I was walking through the part of the city that contained the theatres and arenas I heard some amazing opera being sung. I finally found the source in the main theatre. It was a Japanese tour guide, one who obviously moonlights as a guide whilst studying music in Italy. It was stunning, so much so I failed to snap a pic of him. Sometimes memories are fine even without a pic. This was the theatre anyway

Oh hai!

Pompeii me
Pompeii Theatre 1

One thing that annoyed me though was that as a tourist you only got to see the pretty restored parts of the city. I wanted the behind the walls nitty gritty, so I found an open gate and ducked through it. I had a business card on me so I was going to pull the old "Sono un archeologo" (I'm an archaeologist) routine if I was caught. Thanks to typical Italian complacency I wasn't. Good for me. I was supposed to be on the other side of that fence and this is what an oven would have looked like, not the shiny tidy and immaculate ones they present you.

Pompeii - behind scenes
Pompeii Oven - behind scenes

Temples, baths and forums

Pompeii 18
Pompeii Bath House 1
Pompeii Forum

I searched and searched for some authentic Roman graffiti and finally found some, my Latin is bad but I'm sure their calling Caesar a jerk or something

Pompeii Graffiti


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Oh soooooooooooooooo interesting and almost surreal. Lucky you to have seen it.Would be a buzz , we want more and more and more.