Some of the pubs and hotels that used to dot Perth, some are still here in a renewed form but most are gone forever (I think I have all locations correct?!) oh and I think you'll soon get a bit sad like I am that these were all demolished once you click the links and see what replaced them.....

The Adelphi Hotel, cnr Mill and St Georges Tce. Demolished to build this.

The Adelphi Hotel

The Palace Hotel, St Georges Tce. Only the facade remains with the hideous Bankwest tower climbing out of its back rooms.
I'm not a big fan of facadism, but I guess they at least left something

The Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel

The Melbourne Hotel, Milligan and Hay st. Now known as The Old Melbourne Hotel, thankfully restored and still operating

Melbourne Hotel 1950

Hotel Australia, was next door to the old Boans building in Murray st. Demolished to build the Myer Building

Hotel Australia

The Great Western, still there, you know it as the Brass Monkey

Great Western Hotel

The Bohemia Hotel, now part of the Wentworth Hotel on Murray and William

Bohemia Hotel

The George Hotel, Murray and George st, West Perth, demolished for this.

George Hotel

The Esplanade, cnr Howard st and The Esplanade.
Its demolishing was one of the great crimes of the last century. Have you seen what's there now?

Esplanade Hotel

The Federal Hotel, 179 Wellington St Perth

Federal Hotel

The Federal Hotel

The Grosvenor Hotel, still going despite the neighbours complaints

Grosvenor Hotel, 1952

The King Edward Hotel, cnr Pier and Hay st

The King Edward Hotel

which later became the Paddington Hotel

The Paddington Hotel

and was then demolished to build the horrendous Kings Hotel

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Gregoryno6 said…
Pity there aren't any pics of The Melbourne from about 1994. New owners started renovations and then ran out of money. The old place stood shrouded in curtained scaffolding for at least a year.
I'm not sure, but I think there might have been calls to rip it down.
twiceremoved said…
Fantastic Stu! Unfortunately the photos show the fact that the people in charge of Perth over the decades have killed all the history by demolishing everything.
stu said…
so much gone forever it's a crime
Waz said…
The Esplanade and Federal Hotels looked beautiful
stu said…
Imagine if they stood today
Waz said…
you've seen this haven't you? I think you see one of them on this


(you probably posted it and thats how i saw it)
stu said…
no wasn't me. But that was awesome, I'll be posting it now though. Cheers
Anonymous said…
Wonderful post! I love looking at photos of all the old buildings but hate that so many of them have been demolished.
Anonymous said…
Yer, those photos bring back memories of my childhood. It's such a shame they didn't hang on to those old buildings, they were works of art. Perth would of been a magnificent city. Bloody developers! That's why I like getting up to Fremantle!

Very interesting and informative topic!I always like to you Post ,i never bored when i read your new topics on your blog! Please updated!
Greenpool said…
The Federal Hotel was at 779 Wellington Street , not 179 . It was diagonally opposite the West Perth Markets ( since demolished !) It was on the corner of George and Wellington streets and was demolished to build the freeway . The freeway actually left a trail of destruction through the city . The Barracks was demolished , a huge trench was dug cutting Mount street in half and Mounts Bay was literally filled in . You can see pics of how it used to be online. To this day , there is no longer a 779 Wellington street . It's the freeway .
stu said…
Thanks Greenpool, obviously 179 was a typo and it should have been 779. Thanks for pointing it out, corrected now :)
Anonymous said…
I worked at the George Hotel cnr Murray st and George st next block up from the Wellington St markets right up til it closed. It was demolished but a computer company now stands on the site. The Gorge opened at 6 in the front bar did a roaring lunch trades as the first Barbarells lingerie parade and skimpy shows then stayed open til 3 with a night club license. Gary, the owner also owned Annabellas night club on the Esplanade Cnr Barrack St. in the Florence Hummerston Building recently relocated to Eliazabth Quay.
Have to applause the Dome Coffee management for restoring and giving new life to some beautiful old WA building. Their headquarters are in the Peninsular which was renovated and owned by city of Bayswater. They are buying and renovating old pubs on the railway line through the Hotham Valley through towns like Northam Narrogin ( Horden Hotel) Kattaning are all benefiting from this. Great news.
stu said…
Thank you for that, always love reading peoples own stories in this regard :)
Also thanks for the tip on the Northam pubs etc, I'm planning a trip out that way in the next few months so will likely check them out for our Instagram page @hotel.motel.pub