This sucks, seems they are phasing out the Routemaster double deckers in London, I don't think all the double deckers are going just the iconic Routemasters.

They want to replace them with the single level bendy buses because they carry wheelchairs and more people.

"Only a ghastly dehumanised moron would want to get rid of the Routemaster," said Mr Livingstone in 2001. He was right. Best of all, the open platform at the back of the Routemaster lets passengers decide when and where to hop on and off. In the nannied world, that is now said to be too dangerous. But it seems to have worked well enough for the half century Routemasters ran in London.

I have to agree, one of the things I loved most about London when I lived there was the way you could jump on the back of a Routemaster and hang onto that pole and ride the bus that way, then jump off when you wanted. It was kinda cool, as if you were in a world with no rules, very liberating. I mean, there you are hanging off the back of a bus almost just gripping that pole. Small fries I know but unless you've done it you wont know what I mean.


Got an email from Nat this morning, she's snowboarding in Canada with bears and huskies. So I've blatantly ripped some pics from her blog to display here.



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