Yes I have managed to free myself from the clutches of the jungle. Well the forest actually and it wasn't exactly clutching, more kind of hot, wet and full of flies. Not exactly pleasant at this time of the year, but my job can't always be glamorous with sexy babes!! Yeah right!!

I have to speak of the damn flies though, I've spent a fair bit of time up north in the Pilbara, where it reaches temps of 50c plus and a shitload of flies, but this trip to the southern forests rivalled the Pilbara for flies, I've never seen anything like it, you could at any time have 50 on your back, 30 on your front and a dozen in your face. The more you sweated the more flies arrived to suck up the moisture. You couldn't win!


That's upwards of 100 flies on the tail door of our 4wd.


50 plus flies on Mary's back, don't believe me, count em, I lost count at 48 :o)


I was standing next to a tree, when I suddenly noticed a piece of the tree move sideways, what the...??? Looking closer I realised that this "piece" was in fact a small beetle that has the perfect camouflage.

Evolution (1)

The arrow is pointing at the beetle

Evolution (3)

Now it has moved to the right and blended with the new background.

There's your evolutionary process right there!!



Some historical stuff we stumbled across in the forests

The Marrinup Prisoner of War Camp is near Dwellingup and Aidan and I paid it a visit on an afternoon off. It's stuck in the middle of the bush and held Italian and German POW's from WWII.

POW Camp

Camp entrance

POW Camp (1)

This was the punishment/solitary confinement cell.

Its pretty small and is in fact two separate cells. The amount of wear on the floor near the entrance shows that it copped a fair amount of use.

POW Camp (2)

Italian POW's flower beds

These flower beds created by the POW's are gone now but moss has grown over them to reveal the original outline. This one is a "club", as in a pack of playing cards club!



The reinforced banks of an old loggers railroad that ran through our survey area.


An old wooden sided well we found amongst the trees