It's good to be back, although it doesn't look like it will be for very long, a week maybe! An interesting trip on many levels, ex partners emailing me that they are getting re-married, encountering blatant racism in the bush from white rednecks, (why is it that ethnic "new Australians" are often amongst the most racist people you meet, that's my experience anyway) countered by meeting some truly amazing Aboriginal people. So many stories they have to tell :o) and a brush with celebrity (albeit almost a bloody embarrassing moment for me).
I won't bore you with most of that but I'll recall my brush with the celeb. Arrived at Perth airport, a 40 minute delay on my flight, stuck next to drunk obnoxious miners for most of the flight. Hungry (I never eat airline "food") and I'm trying to get to the already long taxi queue.
I step out of the terminal only to get stuck behind 4 giggling woman walking at a snails pace. One of the girls is rather chubby, short and looked like Magda Szubanski (The movie Babe and Kath and Kim) from behind, I mutter to myself "Get out of my way you Szubanski clone" kinda mean, but I wanted out of this place, I wanted to be home, my patience is 6 meters in front of me and I wanted to catch up with it.
I not so discretely push my way past the girls as they all look at the portly chicks phone and continue giggling. It's then I realise that it is indeed Magda Szubanski herself. Hahaha - oops!!


Taken with my phone cam whilst doing 110 kmph. Is that safe?

mount something or other

Mount something or other which I passed in the rain


This is why god gives us Archaeological assistants :o) Hey I used to be one myself, I've scrubbed before!!

This is my latest assistant, his name is Moss. Moss discovered yesterday evening that when you are on a plane full of miners and you suddenly stand up, grad a vomit bag and run to the rear of the plane, that your day is gonna change very quickly.

Once the Air Hosties have all rushed down to comfort you and you head back to your seat (without vomiting - well done mate) that every single miner on that plane is now aware of your dilemma and they are all gonna do their very best to get you to spew.

Mixed in amongst the chants of "toughen up Princess" and "Go grab yourself a can of toughen up from the storeroom" is gonna be a bunch of guys all staring at you and deliberately rocking themselves back and forth in an attempt to make you sicker and greener. Full marks to Moss for keeping it down :o)