Volleyball by the river, picnic lunch, wine, beer, the only way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Happy birthday again Chris.

Then dinner at Nells, more wine, organic chook roasted on the Webber, potatoes and pumpkin ala Jamie Oliver (Nells loves that book). The perfect end to a great day. Even if I did get a bit sunburnt.

Then as I leave Nells house she asks, "Are you walking?"

"Of course"

I live 15 minutes from nulls place, only a few streets and the park seperates us. I love this park.

Hyde Park4

"Oh be careful wont you, Rodney got 100 stitches only a few weeks ago"

"What? and who the hell is Rodney?"

"Rodney, he lives two down, he got bashed in there and it took 100 stitches to sew him back up!"

Now this isn't exactly what you want to hear at 11pm at night just as you are about to step out into the cold with a bottle of red wine in your system.

"But, um, I, ah I never actually walk across the park at night, .... just around it"

"Okay" she answers with a sort of look that did nothing to instill any form of security within me.

"I'll be okay"

"Alright, see ya beautiful, call me when you get back won't you"

"Yep sure", I mutter as I head off, eyes wide, quickly planning an alternate route to my house.

Obviously I've made it home safe, but I can't help and wonder how Rodney felt being attacked like that and how he managed to finally get help and how he must have looked before they stitched him up and how he must look now after the stitches.

Life can suck sometimes can't it!