It's been a while, I guess I've been happy :o) But this one I gotta vent on.
Now don't get me wrong, I have a mobile phone, I have ring tones. They're a necessary component of the phone. But I cannot see the need for YOU to inflict your inane choice of ringtone on US! I don't care if you've paid $2 to download that fucking frog tune. When the phone rings answer the bloody thing, don't stand there looking at everyone around you to determine whether they've heard it or not.
I don't give a rats arse if you've used the "mixer" on your phone to create a groovy tune of your own, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE FUCKING THING FOR LONGER THAN 3 SECONDS. That should be time enough to answer the call.
You DON'T look cool, we DON'T care about your tune and we think YOU suck. Oh and if you're deaf get a goddamn hearing aid, DON'T have your ringtone set for MAX, if it's in your pocket it will only ever be approx 3 feet from your ear, why does the whole airport have to hear YOUR phone.


Nor do we care that you got laid this month, or that she wants you again BAD! We also don't care about your office deadlines, your dinner tonight or anything else you have to say so shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Ahhhh that's better :o)