I just got in from a pretty average date with a pretty average girl, 1st impressions are not always what they seem are they. Maybe she just didn't gel with me, I sure didn't gel with her, but that's cool. Should of had beers with Señor McDonald as was planned. Dating sucks :o) - I've said THAT before!


So I'm cruising the web, trying to get tired and I read that the Hispanics (both legal and illegal immigrants) in the USA on May 1st are having a day of no show for work, no buying anything, basically no interaction with the rest of society to protest the new immigration laws. Gonna be hard to get a meal in a restaurant or get someone to park your car, drive your bus etc etc etc. Kinda life imitating art if you've seen this movie.
Could be interesting, the US collapses from within hehehehe.....probably not.