Home, but not for long. I have to take off again mid next week. I can't believe how cold it is here now. Autumn is upon us, all the leaves are brown. Damn now I'm humming that Mamas and Papas tune..."all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, California Dreaming on such a winters day..." ha now you are too. Well, probably not as you probably don't even know it!!
But the good news is that I now have my million dollar view of the city back, from my thousand dollar couch in my hundred dollar apartment. Pity I wont be here much to look at it.
I've managed not to drink a single drop of alcohol for the last 2 weeks!! Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I'm sure gonna make up for it this weekend :o)
And speaking of the demon drink: Continuing my search for the remotest can of Emu Export Lager I present you with my latest find :o)


Having just now realised that I hadn't actually presented my previous find, here it is ....


Now just wait until I unleash my collection of pics of meat products that came in cans, hooeee now there's some entertainment right there!!

You thought I was joking didn't ya...



...and yes, I agree that possibly I've been out in the sun a bit much lately!


Anonymous said…
hey can i see the pic that made you laugh so much from up north lulu
Ranx said…
I can't hear "California Dreamin'" without thinking of "The Sketch Show"

p.s the verification word for this comment is "wtfhq", sort of describes my working day!
Stu said…

Oh that's gold :o)