I think finally my head has recovered enough to withstand the sound of the keys on my keyboard. So blog I shall.
Hangovers are great aren't they!!
Gen is leaving for Europe, we said good bye at her party last night. Then Karks and I decided to hit a club at around 1am for a little boogaloo. I would like to praise the cabbie for putting up with our crap, although he wouldn't admit to doin a little electric boogaloo whilst all alone in his cab at times. But we all know that when a good song comes on ya just cant help but wiggle those hips and tap those feet....can ya?!!
For some reason he wouldn't join in our radio singalong, even when Karks put the imaginary microphone right up to his face! It's okay, I gave him a nice tip :o)
Amsterdam received an sms from us in the wee hours of the morning, just letting James know that we were indeed at the Moon Cafe drinking beers with the "intention" of ordering a substantial meal (our licensing laws are draconian aren't they?)

"Hello Amsterdam"



Karks called @ 11am this morning, she'd had, well she's not sure how many hours sleep she's had, maybe one!! I suspect she may finally be asleep now.

We'll miss you Miss Gen xoxo