Me: "man my dreams are vivid when I'm up here" (in the Pilbara)

Him: "So you're having your dreams then!"

M: "My dreams?"

H: "Yep, you'll have these vivid dreams and the majority of the time they will be about somebody from your past, somebody you haven't seen for a long time"

The last bit knocked me for a six, he was 100% correct. 5 nights, 5 dreams and all of them about people I hadn't seen for years. In my case they were all girls :o) some ex GF's and others just friends. So Lisa, Diedre, Rebecca, Karen, Erin and Jackie a big hiya. I'll probably bump into some of them very soon now. I hope so!

Wonder what it is about this place that does that to you, it's a strange place indeed.