Amazing day, nothing planned, ends with 2 bottles of red and approx 400 dissected bodies! No it's not a scene from Silence of the Lambs, but close.
LuLu is over from Tasmania and we were gonna hook up this afternoon, but first I had to do some shopping. Got into the city and decided my plan of attack. Shop, then call LuLu and organise a time to meet (wouldn't it be funny, I thought, if she was in the city too right now), get home and tidy up after this mornings Australia V Brazil game, which ended @ 2am, then meet LuLu.


Macca, Heidi and Andy attempt to break through the sleep barrier at 1.30am this morning
So I step out of the carpark and this black 4wd drives up alongside me on the footpath with a hottie blonde girl behind the wheel, she must need directions I think. Oh shit, that blondie is LuLu :o)
So there, happily, goes any attempt to plan anything for the day and we end up at this exhibition on the Human Body. 400 real human specimens, including 18 whole bodies. All sliced, carved and slithered for our curious eyes. Kind of freaky in one sense and fairly normal in another. I guess that's because I used to be and LuLu still is a chef, that we sort of looked at the bodies as carcasses and not human. Bit like cutting up a side of beef. Especially when you see things like the calf muscle on a leg sliced into 3, looks like blade steak to me!


Skinned, preserved and on display

Supposedly all the bodies were donated to science, however the exhibition comes from China and there is talk that not all bodies were "volunteered" which puts a bit of a cloud over it all. But hell interesting all the same, I never knew we had so many arteries!
Lunch at Halo on the river followed by more vino at Must and now it's late and I need sleep. So end of blog!