Yep it's World Cup time, however for those of us who know them (The Warmans) it seems more like The Warman Cup.

Not only do the lucky bastards get to go to all of the Aussie games, they even get their mugs plastered all over Aussise and Japanese TV (see above pic ^ ). SBS TV used them in the promo for the week, looking all glum as we were at the time trailing 0 - 1 in goals. What they left out was both of them mouthing in unison "Hey that's us" :o)

So here is a selection of some of the pics they've flicked my way. I'm green and gold with envy (yes lame pun I know) .....

First up: Craig in Paris letting the French know that Johhny said so :o)

france 1

World Cup1

Tanya with tickets, rare as hens teeth those.

World Cup

Fraternising with the enemy

World Cup2

Now Skip has become a bit of a celebrity on Japanese TV and has obtained cult status. In Craigs words..." After leaving the ground Tanya and Stephen got interviewed by Japanese television... obviously they had recognised Tanya (or the kangaroo) from tv!!! We spent another three or four hours in the streets of Kaiserslautern drinking beer and having our photos taken... the kangaroo is a global superstar now and we had to deflate him so we could continue travelling without getting mobbed."

World Cup3

Aussies will go anywhere to support their teams

World Cup4

I believe we just scored :o)

World Cup6

Skip the superstar

World Cup5


Anonymous said…
after looking at these photo's i wish i said yes to you last year to going.given my current work attitude it would've been a good trip.
what a dick i am.

lil bro
Stu said…
hahaha doesn't matter now, seeing as none of actually got there except Craig :o)