I've never really focused on animals much in my life, except when I was dissecting them as a chef, Ribeye steak anyone? But since I started spending almost 50% of my life in the bush they've really started grabbing my attention. Where I work, they're everywhere. They do amazing things, they're, well, pretty damn cool.
This little fella was just hanging around on a wooden peg and when we walked up to him he just froze, he honestly believed that we couldn't see him :o) and well I guess he still does seeing as he wasn't attacked by us, he's probably pretty damn chuffed with his efforts.
I give you one handsome Bearded Lizard



Yesterday we were cruising along a dirt track and came across a water bore which had filled with hundreds of ducks and a good 50 cows, bulls and calves. I took this shot from outside my vehicle, all the time keeping the eye in the back of my head on the 2 bulls 30 metres behind me :o)

You'll have to click on this one to enlarge as it lost too much detail when I sized it down.

ducks and cows

I saw this Hawk caught out of the corner of my eye today as it swooped past my left side and snatched a small finch in mid air. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen. It then flew ahead of me and parked on a dead tree, I had to use zoom on my camera to capture the pic, so the detail isn't that great (stupid digital cams), but take it from me that that's a half eaten finch in his left talon.