Some sort of stupid virus is streaming through my body, causing me to sit on my arse all weekend and even into today. Doc just gave me penicillin, 50 tablets FFS, I have to take em all. Also found out that I have to wait 6 -12 months until I can have my knee ligament surgery. Which I kind of expected, but man that's another whole season gone, no games :o( How will my teams survive without me, well nobodies called to ask when I'll be back, so pretty well I guess hehe.
So my mood is far from chirpy.

I wondered how I was feeling a year ago at this time, so I flicked through the YeLPar archives but no real insights there. There was this post though, I wonder if they still do this or if it's been shutdown.
Okay, I'm going back to my couch with its daytime TV and all the joy that comes with that........................
I jest! :sigh: ill = wrong