One of the cool things about the archaeology office at the camp I'm currently working at, is that we share it with the environment department. So random enviros appear at random times with random animals.
Today we got to meet these two.

This one is a (well I wish I could remember his correct name) so we'll just call him a ghecko. So placid he just sat on my hand flicking his blue tongue out every now and then. When I rubbed the top of his head he kinda closed his eyes like a cat does.


Then there was this Pygmy Python. This one is fully grown, non venomous and extremely happy to be handled, he crawled up my shirt and over my shoulder, then came back down onto my hand. Very cool.

Pygmy Python

Sadly not every creature we get to encounter is as frisky or as alive as those two. Driving the highway this morning Jezza and I saw a snake curled up in the middle of the road. Turned out it was a King Brown, turned out it was dead. A car had run over it. I guess it just spun into this defensive coiled position and then died with its head resting on its body. It took Jezza and myself a few minutes to work out if it was really dead. They bite.

King Brown

Jezza "bravely" holding the King Brown