I was never a fan of Pink Floyd, still aren't really. But I've learnt to appreciate them more in the past few years. It all stems from coming home and finding my house in total darkness, Dark Side of the Moon streaming out of the stereo and my 2 flatmates lying on their backs on the lounge room floor, stoned out of their heads listening to it and muttering "ooh, wow, ahhhh, maaaaaaan"
They never appreciated me opening the curtains, but hell it was only 1pm. Get out in the sunshine you tools!
One thing we used to do a lot, now this is before TV cottoned on with stereo casts, is play film clips on the TV and then play the song on the stereo and try and get it synced perfectly. One thing my stoner housemates would do is get a video of The Wizard of Oz and play Dark Side of the Moon in sync with it. Cept it never really synced unless you were ripped.
Sync no longer my stoner pals because it has been done for you.

This is an 8 minute section of what apparently goes for 43 minutes. Enjoy


Anonymous said…
lol, been a Floyd fan since I was old enough to sneak into my big bro's room when he was out and play his records on the gramophone. Heard about this urban myth but never witnessed it before. Suppose you have to be on drugs for it to work hehe.Drugs, now that's a word that takes me back. Have I ever told you about the time..........