I only read On the Road by Jack Kerouac a couple of years ago. It's now one of my favourite books. But now I hear that I read a censored version.

"Incidents in the original were edited out of the published version because of the censorship of the time," said Sampas, who noted that some of the edited sections refer to drugs and sex. "On the scroll, entire paragraphs are crossed out and not included in the published version."

So I guess now I have to read it all again to get the juicy bits, although I'm thinking they're gonna be as risque as the Playboy mags my dad used to keep in a box under the bench in his shed. Topless hairy armpitted women wearing French knickers and beehive hairstyles :o)

In 1951, Kerouac, hopped up on coffee and Benzedrine, sat at a typewriter and began retelling the tale of an aimless trek he made across America. In a spontaneous, stream-of-consciousness burst, he typed on long sheets of tracing paper, taping each finished page to the previous one to form one continuous, rolling text.

The above just adds to the uniqueness of this book, if you haven't read it yet grab a copy and if you're in luck it'll be the new saucier edition.