Things that crap me off.

Because that's just how I feel at the moment OK!!

When you blow your nose next to me on the plane, DON'T open the tissue to look at the boogers, trust me, if you felt them come out through the nostril, then they're in there. If they're not then you probably don't want to know where they landed. OK, It's gross!

When I'm trying to put my change back into my wallet at the checkout and I'm trying to grab all of my shopping bags with my hand, DON'T stand right up close to me and stare me down. This will NOT make me go any quicker. In fact, because it shits me so much I'll probably just go slower, just so it pisses you off too. That's what I'm like. Your turn will come in just a few seconds, be patient!

If the company you work for buys lists from phone companies of who's just come out of contract, then at least get them to buy it exclusively. I DON'T want four different companies ringing me up in one morning to inform me that my contract has ended. Or at least be the first one to call me, then you wont cop my pissed off attitude. Keep in mind that when you do call me and state that you work for Conglomerate Mega Decca Corp or whatever the hell you call yourself, that I am highly unlikely to trust my next contract to you. I mean, who the fuck ARE you? At least only one of you had an Indian accent. Sigh!

No I don't want to install insulation in my ceiling, yes I'm happy with my life insurance and no I do not want to buy a discount voucher book. OK. So STOP calling. Send me an email like the rest do, that way it goes directly into my spam folder and I never even have to acknowledge you. Mind you, the cheap viagra and other Canadian pharmaceuticals look like good bargains.

No I DON'T need a hug, piss off :o)