I'm serious. How fucked up is the world at the moment. People are being killed daily in Iraq, daily in Afghanistan, daily in Chechnya, daily in Sudan, daily in Somalia, the list goes on and on. The war du jour is the Israel/Lebanon crisis. You can watch in unfold daily on TV. Read about it in your newspaper, where you'll see pictures like this...


Yep, your eyes don't deceive you, that's an Israeli child signing a bomb prior to it being slung across the border into Lebanon where it probably killed a Lebanese child. I mean is the world really that fucked up? I guess it is.

The last time we saw images like this one below...


... we were horrified. New York wasn't it. But we don't show the horror when it happens to Lebanese. They aren't like us are they?

"Killing innocent civilians is NOT an act of self-defense. Destroying a sovereign nation is NOT a measured response."

Feel hopeless sitting here in Australia? That's because you pretty much are, but you can sign this online petition. Do something other than watch it unfold on TV whilst you munch on your Pringles.


Ranx said…

It pisses me off that mainstream media reports are so one-sided and any attempt to tell the unseen side of the story (the "bad guys" POV) are seen as anti-Israel and therefore anti-semitic.
The poor little girl in the photo signing the bomb is, IMHO, a victim of child abuse.
I am faced with trying to understand the truth through tears of frustration or swallowing the soma laced pap fed to me by the evening news.

Sorry to fill your comments with my rant dude.
Stu said…
Not at all, rant away, thats what comments are for
Anonymous said…
we all hope syria don't get involved as htye just got out 1 1/2 tears ago.if they do we are all fucked.

lil bro