If you're a vegetarian then the following post is definately not for you, so move on.
Okay, now that it's just us carnivors. I'm currently on a survey in the Pilbara and this trip has turned into one long continual BBQ. We have a BBQ for lunch.....every day, yes every bloody day. This isn't exactly my choice, but when in Rome :o) and as I know a few things about cooking I've cooked a few of them for the crew. I enjoy it actually.


But sausages and steak can get a tad bloody boring every day, so today we were treated to a change of menu. The crew caught us a Bungarra (A native Australian Lizard for any non Aussies reading this)

Bungarra for lunch

Ever wondered how to cook a Bungarra? Wonder no more, simply follow these easy to read and illustrated steps:

(click on pics for larger images)

1. Catch ingredients i.e. one Bungarra

-see pic above on how to hold it whilst it's alive-

2. Sear with fire to remove the outer skin

Searing the Bungarra

3. Remove outer skin with a sharpened stick

-That's me getting a quick lesson on how to scale a Lizard-

Scaling Lesson

4. Truss it up ready for the hot coals

Bungarra Trussed

5. Place trussed Lizard on some hot coals, then cover with more hot coals and sand

Bungarra Cook

6. After 30 minutes remove from coals and sand and slice up in this manner. It's now ready to eat.

Bungarra Meal

7. Important final step: Always get your offsiders to taste it first :o)


I know, you're wondering what it tastes like, well chicken of course, doesn't everything :o) Actually it tastes nothing like chicken. The tail is fish like in texture and tastes a little bit fishy, whilst the belly is a stronger flavour and a kind of a cross between pork and lamb. There are two sacks of yellow fat in its belly, and this is the best part, you dip your bread into that fat and it tastes better than dipping bread into the worlds finest olive oil. MmmmHmmm.

So who's hungry then? :o)


Ranx said…
I remember eating Bungarra when a mate of mine was the itinerant teacher for the Meeka' school of the air abck in '85. His brother and I were making a doco for them (SOTA). Not quite courageous enough to sample the yellow fat though, much to the amusement of the station hands
Stu said…
ahhhh then yo missed the highlight of the beast :o)
Lisa said…
I know on some level I'm supposed to be disgusted, but frankly it sounds yummy. My only concern was whether you killed the poor lizard before cooking it's skin off? If the answer is no, don't tell me. Leave me with my illusions intact.
Stu said…
It's okay, you don't have to suffer any illusions hehehe. It was killed immediately after it was caught, basically straight after that picture at the top. It was placed in the fire a few hours later, straight from the ice filled esky (Aussie for ice box) we stored it in.
Anonymous said…
mmm BBQ.

lil bro