It's been nothing short of a crappy week. I returned from my latest field trip on Saturday only to find my car had been broken into.....again!!. This on the back of 2 weeks prior when they stole my licence plates, well 1 of them, they rounded the nuts on the other and thus failed!

This time they smashed open my glove compartment, stole my stereo face plate (absolutely useless to them as it's digitally coded to my unit and wont work elsewhere) and sprayed a can of WD40 into the interior. At least they just prised open the canopy and didn't slash it like the last 2 times.

Then I woke up yesterday morning, jumped in my car to get to work and yep........broken into again, they didn't steal anything, because there's nothing left to steal. But instead of prising open the canopy, this time they slashed it. Mother F###ers. That's a cool $1000 biguns right there. Insurance is pointless as they've already raised my excess to $500 for acts of vandalism (due to the previous 2 slashings).

So that kinda sucks. Then as I drove to work that morning a truck driver decided to sit right up my arse. I indicated to him through the use of "sign language" that I would prefer that he cease this action to which his reply was to drive along side me and thump an apple, yes an apple into my passenger side window. I mean, what the fuck dude!!

Now I'm not an angry person, but I have my limit and that was pretty much it. So as we happened to stop next to each other at the next set of traffic lights I foolishly decided that retribution should be swift. As we stormed towards each other on the side of the road it soon became apparent that he was about a foot taller than me. I spoke of my displeasure at his actions and then kicked the side of his truck and announced that "we were now even you #@!#*#"

Which to my amazement he seemed to accept and got back into his truck hehehe, it's probably the only reason I still have fully functional body parts, he coulda killed me!

cinnamon club BW

There's a lesson in there for all of us, when you find it make sure to fill me in too yeah. Tonight though made up for it all, it was Lindas birthday last week and I was away, so we had dinner at the Cinnamon Club. That girl always makes me smile, ear to ear stuff. So all is now well in Stuland.


Lisa said…
I'm thinking you must be in love/serious like with this Linda girl if you can even THINK about smiling from ear to ear after the SHIT week you've had. I had to laugh..I thought I was the only one with that kind of luck! lol

Not an angry person indeed...patience of a saint I would think...either that or the heat has melted your brain cells.
Ranx said…
Cold, wet AND the world's against ya!
Stu said…
I shall prevail. Can't let the bastards get you down :o)