The humble wine cork is leaving us, it's rarer and rarer these days to find a bottle with one. It's taking people a while to accept that screw caps are better for the wine. I have only one issue with the change. I like to keep a cork as a reminder of a good bottle or a momentous occasion. But screw caps just don't have the same appeal.


I can probably name each occasion that the above corks represent - especially that CORIOLE one :p


Ah well

I guess I'll just have to be content with my champagne caps

...... until


Mauler said…
Yeah, I know what you mean about keeping the cork!
I love doing that myself, and yes screw tops are better for the wine, however it is nice to keep the cork as a reminder isn't it?

Apparently I have learnt thru work that we are still going to have corked wine for a fair while however, as some wine producers have long term agreements with cork manufacturers that they can't break.

So at least you know that you can get corked wine for a while longer.
Stu said…
Excellent news, I will still have memories to keep for some time then :o)

I'm off to the bottleshop!!