New discs that I've bought this week and am now listening to on rotation. Wow I sound just like a DJ :o)

First up this man, Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame. Solo album - The Eraser. I can't seem to take this one off my player for very long. Apart from one strange track it's a fine CD. It wont be the end of Radiohead though, he'll chart better with them. But I'm loving this one.


Of course if you like Radiohead then you can't go past Muse, I've only played this one twice (due to Thom hogging the decks) but it sounds gooooood!! Black Holes & Revelations is its name. I'm gonna love it I just know.


If you can't handle Kevin Mitchells nasaly twang when he fronts Jebediah (I for one like it) then his alter ego Bob Evans may be more to your taste. A step up from his previous solo trip, this ones a keeper.


Suburban Songbook is all about luuurve baby.



Now, not since Mr Marvin Gaye have we had a cool cat or cats such as Gnarls Barkley. These dudes be smooth and Crazy. excellent song, great album, if you like your hip hop to have a little smooth style that is.

St Elsewhere Baby


I think I did well this week, 4 buys and 4 winners. Even as diverse a choice as they are.


Anonymous said…
dude ring me before you buy music i already had knarls.i even had it when i was in WA the other week i could've left it with you.
ring the bro.CD is good i say even cool.

lil bro
Anonymous said…
hey bro,
by the way can burn me a copy of the muse album.sounds cool.i have heard a couple of track on the j's and would love the full thing.
ring if you have any probs.

lil bro
Stu said…
It's okay, I like having the original CD anyways, I like the artwork :o) plus ya gotta support the artist maaaaan.

(yes I will burn it for you, but not any time soon as I'm not gonna be home much over next 2 months
Anonymous said…
thanks're the best bro in the world.stay safe up in the FN.
speak soon.I coming back to WA in october so make sure you're in town.

lil bro