It isn't often you see a video clip that's this original. The band is called Ok Go and it's from the the album Oh No. Song is called Here it Goes Again

But, as innovative and as funny as it is, it's the kickass fashion these dudes are sporting that's the highlight for me.

UPDATE: Okay, it's 20 minutes since I made this post and since then I've had a looksee around and I have now decided that these guys are the best dancers "in like the world!" This one's called A Million Ways, filmed it appears in someones back yard hehehe. These dudes ROCK.

Check the Matrix scene they do at 2.37 minutes into it 


Lisa said…
LOL...I put the treadmill one on my blog a few weeks ago. Didn't take the time to find any others though..so thanks! I love these guys!! Brilliant!