As our journey continues the Marsupial population of the North West of Australia is reducing. So far our count is 3 Lizards, 1 Bush Turkey and 1 Kangaroo. The roo being the latest culinary delight to sate our hunger.
The tail was cooked, again on a bed of hot coals.

Roo Tail

Then Aidan and myself thought it would be fun to skin the tail for everyone, but unless you've done it you can't possibly understand the smell that is burnt fur and roo blood. And that smell lingers with you all day :o(


I will at this point mention that all animals hunted on this trip were done so for food, killed quickly and humanely and given the utmost respect in death. A few people have commented on these points so I wanted to make that clear. They were not killed for fun and their "stories" were told prior to the cooking and the eating. We've all been very privileged to learn so much about life in the bush from some amazing people, people who's lives and spirits are so very entwined with the bush and all of its' inhabitants.

Of course all of this eating makes some of us extremely tired :o)


I also find that I no longer look at the Bush Turkey in the same way ..... and this lot were extremely lucky not to be next on the menu. Secretly though, I'm glad they were spooked by a 4th one and flew away.



Lisa said…
From here in the states all of these animals are considered exotic and are only seen by us in zoos, so the thought of them being abundant enough to have them as a snack is rather odd, so when I come here, I do have to remind myself...when in Rome...

Once I get past that, I simply wonder what they taste like. For instance I love Buffalo meat...very sweet and rich and TENDER when slow cooked...yummmmm

As for the hunting...As long as it's humane and you eat what you kill, then more power to you. I have no delusions that the meat I eat woke up one day,realized it was tired of living and committed suicide.
Stu said…
Yeah, the lizards and kangaroos are plentiful enough, especially the roos, they get culled in certain parts of the country as there are just sooooo many, the Bush Turkeys are not so plentiful though and only the Aboriginal people are permitted to hunt the Lizards and the Turkeys.

Roos however are fair game for all :o)
Anonymous said…
Australia is just one big BBQ.We aussie always find a reason to BBQ and in the Middle of Bum Fuck Nowhere is even a better reason to why not shoot and BBQ.I love the work bro.

lil bro