2006 or 1976?

What is it with Australia?

I direct you to the AFL grand final and the pre game entertainment. I just cruised past the TV and who do I see performing, Darryl Braithwaite, JoJo Zep, John Paul Young, the dude from redgum or goanna or whatever his band was called and Brian fucking whatever his name is, lead singer of that always was and always will be that shite 80's band The Uncanny X men.

Do we not have any musical talent in this country willing to perform at possibly the nations biggest annual sporting event? Must we always drag up these washed out performers from the past to dish up some tripe that they can barely reproduce to the level of their heyday? High notes? I don't think so. At least the USA when they drag up 60 year old singers they spit out Mick Jagger.

It's embarrassing for them.

They try to fit into the same clothes they wore 20/30 years ago (ps Mr X man we now have hair products other than super hold gel available for the rock star tease) prance around with the same 1970/80's dance moves, albeit slightly slower than back then, I mean it's easy to lose your balance spinning around at age 55.

So come on Australia try to do just a little better next time. God help us if the outside world gets a telecast of all of this, "so that's the music scene in Oz is it"

Oh and STFU New Zealand, you've still got a contract with Dave Dobbyn so park that horse over there.


Anonymous said…
it was more embarrassing for the guys watching the pre-game entertainment to actual know who they were.I think they got introduced as elderly oz rockers.OMG am i now an eldery man if i know who these guys were?
shit who cares Eagles won and the swans lost.
Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!

lil bro