It's god damn most excellent to be home, 4 weeks away is probably 1 week too many at any one time. I miss the comfort of my home, stupid things like a couch to lay on and watch TV, a double bed, my flat screen PC, the rain hehehe yep it's pouring down outside today, I just miss home.


rain rain rain, walking to the shop this morn

The good news is that my car was NOT broken into this trip away, the bad news is that the battery has gone totally flat. I can live with that, it will inspire me to walk more :o)
Not that they have anything what so ever to do with the above dribble but here's a great album covers I've noticed lately - I love a tacky record and I love a tackier cover even more.
Product Music ???
But I really like the colour scheme

product music


Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHA, those cd covers are classic! I wonder what those guys are looking at, probably a whole lot of yobbos telling them to shut the f#%k up. Haha. Good to hear you made it last. Aids
Lisa said…
Welcome home! Hope you enjoy your time there.

Great covers....I'm particuarly amused by the TiKi Tacky one...not sure why. It could have something to do with my desire to eat all the time since i quit smoking. lol