Banksy is awesome. I wish I had one tenth of his creativity. I've blogged him before, when he hung a piece of hoax art in the British Museum, read that here. Then there was the awesome art on the "security" wall around the West Bank, check that here.
Then he trashed Paris Hiltons new CD, a target worthy of trashing if ever there was one.
Just the other day he placed a life sized Guantanamo Bay inmate inside the Rocky Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland. The blow up doll dressed in an orange jumpsuit with its hands and feet shackled lasted almost 2 hours before Disney security noticed it. Great stuff.



He''s currently showing in LA with a display in a warehouse titled barely legal, but he's copped some flak over the painting of this elephant to make it look like wall paper. It's been deemed cruel to the animal. I think that's a bit wowser like, I'm sure the animal was extremely well treated, but as they say any publicity is good publicity.


Banksy, my hero of the week


Ranx said…
I love that his attitude is so no-malicious. Most of his "statements", while embarrassing, could hardly be called offensive. If "he painted an elephant" is the worst that can be said about him........