I read an article yesterday that got me thinking about what I had given up lately. A few things it seems and not all of them conscious decisions.

The conscious ones include, soft drink, at least the ones that contain sugar. 7-8 teaspoons of sugar in a can of cola. Holy f#c!

I've also given up chocolate, I found a while back that there probably wasn't a day that went by without me eating a piece of chocolate in some form. Either as a snack or simply an impulse buy at the supermarket check out, you know those tasty Lindt bits in the jars mmmmmmmmmm!! Kinda borderline addiction there.

And they've both actually been easy give ups, easier than I thought they would be. But subconsciously there was another give up. Wearing a watch! I simply rely on my mobile phone these days. I haven't worn a watch for a few years now. It simply drifted off and out of my daily routine. I mean why bother with a clunky accessory on your wrist when you have the mobile phone.

It seems I'm not alone in this, which brings me back to the article that got me thinking about this stuff. Many people are doing the same. An evolution of sorts. Have you evolved?


Lisa said…
Uhhhh....I don't get it......

Which leaves me wide open for wise ass remarks about my mental acuity, but I'm curious enough to ask anyway.
Lisa said…
Thanks! Would have never figured that out without help.

I have evolved, but only begrudingly. I'm too lazy to replace the batteries in my watch so I look at my phone. lol
Stu said…
Thanks? but I didn't.........oh I think you may have read the post prior to its completion, am I right? eh eh?

Plus always click on the coloured words ;o)

Lisa said…
Yeah, your right....I caught it before you were done. It made MUCH more sense the second time around.
WookieGTB said…
Youknow, I've done the complete opposite. I hadn't worn a watch for years, relying on my phone just as you are now. But these days I need my watch. It sounds stupid but it is a style thing mostly, and also when at work I may not have my phone on me all the time so the watch is more practical.
Stu said…
Yeah I see what you mean, I don't even require one at work as my GPS unit also tells the time hehehe

I have a really nice dress watch too, but I simply never think to wear it. I wonder where it is, maybe one time for old times sake!