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I can't say I ever really enjoyed his shows, thought they were TOO over the top, but I realise it was all just entertainment, just not my cup of tea...........but that said this was an extreme WTF when I heard it.

Let me tell you exactly how I heard it.

I'm standing in the middle of the bush, recording some artefacts and this conversation bursts across the two way radio.

"Hey Brad"

"Yeah mate"

"Did ya here that Steve Irwin is dead"

"Bloody hell, really?"

"Yeah a stingray got him, ripped his chest open"

"Holy crap, wouldn't have thought he'd go that bloody way, expected a croc or a bloody snake hey?"

"Yeah, and only 34 mate" (note he was actually 44)

"Yeah, well, when ya numbers up, it's up hey"


"Bloody hell"


That conversation is so Aussie, I love this country.

Vale Big Steve


Lisa said…
Cripes! I hadn't a clue. Thought you were having me on till I went and searched. I didn't even realize that sting rays could kill you that easily.

heck...now I'm sad. I thought he was completely over the top also, but I admired him for his love of nature and his efforts to conserve it. Not to mention his poor wife and children. Bloody hell.
Stu said…
Yeah I think his conservation efforts were often overlooked and clouded by the Persona that was Steve Irwin.

It is a sad loss and you have to feel for his wife and kids. Sadly I believe his wife is currently trekking in the Tasmanian wilderness and they can't contact her :o(
Ranx said…
If only he had worn SPF 30 to keep out those harmful rays....