I often bookmark stuff I find on the web thinking it might make an interesting topic for blogging. Then when I go back to them I find that I really can't be bothered haha. So I end up with stacks of bookmarks. Time to delete some of them. But I'll share some of them first.

Here they are in all their random uselessness. Click away.


The Last Day: At John's Tittenhurst house on 22 August 1969., The fab four themselves didn't know that this day would be the last time they were together ever. A Flickr photoset of the last day.
Some awesome wallpapers for your computer of Earth taken from satellites.

I'm a bit of a maths geek, it's my hidden shame. After reading this article Gavyn Davies is my new hero.

Fairly somber, click the two dates to see the difference, then click the labels button to see the accuracy. So futile.

But I don't want to finish on that note. so here's a great advertising campaign from Lego. So simple yet so effective.