A day in the life of Noah K. In fact 2356 of them so far.

Noah has taken a photo of himself every day since January 11 2000. Except for on those days he forgets. Noah's website is here, although it seems to have crashed due to way too many hits of late. I guess this is his moment, his 15 minutes.
Now he's spliced the pics into a video. It's an incredible watch, his face never seems to alter its' expression, it stays solid throughout, extremely intent, fixated........on something. But the thing that grabs you is the kaleidoscope of changing shirts, the movement of his hair and the slight changes in background with each shot.
A person pops in a frame, a moment passes each time, it's incredibly hypnotic. 6 years of one persons life condensed into 5.45 minutes.
Have a look


Lisa said…
And I thought I had issues.

Don't you have to wonder...just for a moment....

Anonymous said…
i like 3:19 and 2:30ish where he is in a car
Stu said…
hahaha seriously? I didn't notice that I'll have to check