Sixteen years ago I bought a roll of ClingWrap but not any old roll, I bought a caterers pack roll. 600 metres of the stuff. I was sick and tired of the annoying little rolls you get in supermarkets, you know those 5 metre ones that run out half way across a tray of last nights roast lamb. So I got the mother of all rolls.
This is that roll


Sadly this morning at 9.08 am this beloved roll of gladwrap ran out, it has ceased to be. It was a good 16 years. It served me through 2 marriages, 6 places of residence, countless picnics, bbq's, dinner parties and the odd make shift belt for a pair of jeans (long story - speak to Macca about that one)

Good bye old friend, I'll miss you, I know your replacement wont be the same, you see now they don't make you with the stainless steel teeth for cutting. Something about ripping into peoples fingers blah blah blah. Now we have to use the new "safe" plastic sliding cutter technique, bloody safety nazis. I'll try and adjust, but I see hard times ahead :sniff:



Lisa said…


That is toooooo freaking funnny and disturbin....

Oh i go again...

Ranx said…
mate, you have my sympathy. We, too, have caterers rolls as pets, though none have lived to the ripe old age of 16!

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Strength bro'
benn said…
Don't throw out the box Stu! Put the new roll in the old box, and you'll still be able to use the 'Stainless steel teeth-of-death' as you have always done. Also it'll look much cooler thana shiny new box. The old one looks in pretty good nick considering its age.
Stu said…
Lisa I don't think you understand the loss in its fullness :o( hehe

Ranx, I have decided to rejoice the times we spent together and look upon it not simply as a loss

Benn, I had thought of that but it wouldn't be the same, it would be only half true and I couldn't live with that