It's funny how things pan out isn't it? A few minutes ago I was walking to my puter thinking I should blog, but what about? I open my email and there's one from my buddies Waz and Gaz. "We took some photos especially for your blog site"

They where in Croatia for a holiday a few weeks back. So without further adieu. Here is Croatia Waz and Gaz style :o)

This is probably the best Czech Art Glass shop, how do we know? Cos they said so. Note the stickers on the windows, esp bottom left.....bankrupt.....I guess they would have done better if they had been a little more sure of their "bestness" hehe!


As for why dogs with guns are not allowed in the parks of Prague, nobodies really sure. I'm guessing doggy muggings are at an all time high. "Yo give me ya kibble"

no dogs with guns

Gaz points out that Suicide of Lucretia was the name of a painting on the left of this sign…..he thought it might have been just as appropriate for the exit sign above

suicide of lucretia

And finally a great pic of Waz tackling the Tatras mountains bare handed. The things he'll do to avoid the entrance fee to a national park.


Thanks guys, easiest blog I've ever done hehehe oh and food and alcohol some time this week yeah. See ya then.