Okay time to continue this excercise.

Kiss Please is a blog by a guy in Melbourne who goes by the name of Van (not his real name but I'm sworn to secrecy) Van and I have basically met through a forum on the web where we argue, laugh and post crap that interests us and a few others, He's a pretty talented artist and he's recently fallen in love awwww, which probably explains why his bloody blog hasn't been updated since August! He has a habit of starting blogs and abandoning him so I may have to void this link soon. But you can see some of his work and a window into his life via his Flickr photostream.
This girl (whom I don't know) is also a Perthite, Asian and pretty damn sassy. I found her blog linked on some other blog (I forget which) and the layout caught my eye. She takes some cool photos, so I check in on here every now and then, Life Optimist and Coffee Addict Writes Here.
Raymi is very very very sexy so -> Raymitheminx. I have a thing for pierced babes. What ya gonna do! Meh!
Photo blogs are my thing and as soon as I get my new SLR digital Camera I'll probably start one (stay tuned) meantime here is Satan's Laundromat, Steve hasn't been updating much of late, but when he gets fully back into it it'll be worth it.
Finally, if you love a good recipe stop by Spiceblog, I'm not sure where Anthony Georgeff actually cooks but it's somewhere here in Perth and he does some nice stuff.
Right that's it for now, go do something useful and stop reading my blog, read theirs!


Anthony said…
In my kitchen I'm afraid - though I did do a spell peeling spuds and making salads at Jackson's : )
Stu said…
Ah hahahaha I was just at Jacksons tonight for dinner (post to follow). So where are you cooking, as in where is your kitchen?
Ranx said… has been killing a few hours for me recently.