How good is the Dego menu at Jacksons? Damn good! My brother and I partook of these fine wares last night. I feel extremely ordinary this morning which is to be expected after 11 courses and 11 different wines. Luckily I live approx 500 metres away from the restaurant, so the stagger home takes all of 2 minutes :o)

A Monday night and the place was 3/4 full, which for Perth is a rare thing. You can click the pic below for a larger view of the menu. Only 9 courses shown though, we chose the larger 11 which offers 2 surprise courses and I wish I could remember what they were, however afore mentioned ordinariness counters that possibility.




Grimey said…
So are all the courses spread over a long period of time? I have thought about this but as I am not a wine drinker it is not appealing to me.......yet.
Stu said…
yep, we started at 7.30 and finished at 10.30. They aren't full size courses naturally, but after 11 of them you are fairly chockers. You don't have to have the wine and it's a lot cheaper if you dont. Definately worth it, get in there :o)
Grimey said…
Yeah it is definitely on the list of things to do. Also giving it some time because a mates ex-girlfriend works in the kitchen so need to let time heal a few wounds hahaha