With my work I tend to have my eyes and head facing down for most of the day, looking for artefacts on the ground mostly. So sometimes you tend not to notice what is going on around you. Like when you look up and see three Donkeys staring at you from some shade. People say Donkeys are dumb, but I tend to think they're either highly curious of just plain short sighted. Besides they're the ones in the shade whilst I boil out in the sun, so who's the dumb one?


Other times you can step out from a clump of dense undergrowth and bump into one of these ....


.... but that's a rare occurance. He/she was a tad more frightened than I was, .... I think!

Then there's the grand old dames of the Pilbara, who are always crossing paths with us. These I don't mind so much, it's the young testosterone filled bulls that I like to stay away from. They don't always give up their turf as freely as the cows.

Steers and Cows

Finally there are these little dudes, they and other types of lizards are pretty much everywhere. All shapes and sizes. Sadly they have a habit of ducking under the wheels of my car at regular intervals. I cringe every time one of them bites the dust under my vehicle. The upside is that there's thousands of them, all over the place, so their future as a viable species is hardly threatened by my 100 series Toyota 4WD.

Lizard like

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