Just after my last "long" relationship ended I had a visit from another ex, the one from my previous "long" relationship. She came into my new bachelor pad and her first comment was..

"Wow it's weird seeing all of our old stuff again"

Holy crap, I hadn't realised just how much of our stuff I was still using. I mean table, chairs, crockery etc. It made me think about all the stuff I still had from the most recent breakup too. Time to end the pattern I thought to myself. Out it all goes!

I started with the doona, sheets, pillows, towels, then I moved onto the kitchen. Tossed the lot right down to the cooking utensils. All I have left is the bed, I can't believe I still have the bloody bed. I'm going to rectify that as soon as possible. It's a nice bed though, perhaps a bit girly, nah it's hell girlie so I'll be glad to see the back of it. That will be all of it then, especially as the soap dish just went in the trash moments ago hehehe prompting me to write this. I'm sure there's a few other things, I just have to find em. And I will, nothing is safe!

So if you have a break up, ditch not only the partner but all of the domestic crap as well, it's mighty cathartic let me tell you

My post relationship tip of the week!


Lisa said…
Hmmm... While I can appreciate the cathartic properties of this endeavor, I have to question how often you can afford to do this. Worse yet, if your in a really shite relationship, do you have to wait to break up until you can afford to replace the items that were purchased together?

Seems a bit costly. May I suggest not ever inviting an ex to your house in the future? That way she won't remind you of the items, and you've already admitted you hadn't clued in till she did. :-P