Max was awesome, best dog ever. He was the mascot for a company I do a heap of archaeology for. Whenever you arrived at the company offices in Newman he would come over and give you a hello like he remembered you. Maybe he did, but there are a hundreds of employees and sub contractors through there all year long. It didn't seem to matter, he was happy to see you and get a pat and a rub.
Max apparently had a crap life before he came to be a part of the company, he was mistreated and shown no respect. He was even simply left behind with the premises when the company took them over (along with 6 pea hens, a peacock, two cats and numerous chickens) but he sure had a life full of love for his last 2 years.


Max sleeping with a merry employee of the company :o)

He was pretty old, no one knows how old though. Then he got a large lump in his stomach and was pretty ill. He still greeted you but mostly with his eyes. They operated on him last week and removed a 12 kg tumour from his stomach, it was then they found he was wracked with cancer so the decision was made to put him down.

Max never showed anyone any form of aggression, unless you were a cop. Two cops once drove into the company compound and Max bounded over and growling, latched his teeth onto the bull bar at the front of their cop car. Needless to say they never got out of their vehicle and reversed out of there hell fast :o)

We'll miss you Maxy best dog ever.