November in the Pilbara = hot. But it's gonna get hotter, I mean November aint got nothin on January. But back to the moment at hand. Yesterday it was so hot that the camp goldfish died, the water in his tank got so hot that he poached. Somebody then unceremoniously dumped him in the grass outside the office, so much for loving your pet. So hot in fact that he was sun dried within a few hours.

Dried Fish

But there's more, it was so hot today that when I had a shower at 6pm the water coming out of the cold water tap was so hot that I didn't even need the hot water tap, in fact the cold water was actually hotter than I usually have the hot water. I would have added some cold water to cool it down if I actually had some. So that's how hot it is up here. I just thought I'd share
Edit: I have just been informed that it was officially 50 degrees Celsius up here yesterday, that's 122 on the Farenheit scale for those of you who use that.