Occasionally people find out that I have a blog, and thus, that I am a blogger. Occasionally people go "Cool, I love blogs". Occasionally they ask "What's a blog?" And then others look at you like you're an alien, some weird being who's existence is beyond their comprehension. They don't get blogging.

So why blog? Why do this almost every other day? Why share? Why the fuck not!

I mean what does your average person do of an evening or better still with most of their spare time? Watch that piece of tubing with the inane images and sounds screaming out of it, sadly that's what. Even to the point of staring blankly at the friggen advertisements, like they're another form of "entertainment". Having their brains soaked in this crap daily and losing the ability to even attempt a creative thought in the process.

I choose life, I choose blog, I choose to read, I choose to roam my neighbourhood and photograph it, I choose to draw and soon I even choose to paint. I choose to write this crap/dribble because it's an outlet for that which I choose to express. I post pictures I've taken as an outlet for my pictures, it's that simple. It's not that alien. It's just not that main stream, not yet anyway, but the world's changing - slowly - but it's changing.

Tangent alert: We communicate in so many different ways now. Just moments ago I emailed a dude in New York, who writes a large and fairly popular blog and edits another, to ask him why his blog was down. He hadn't realised and rebooted it and now it's back up. It took all of a minute to sort, but only because he was up at 3am doing work!! I connected with someone half a globe away. Just because of a blog. But I digress.

So maybe open your minds you "alien suspectors" and look around you, the world has much to offer, read a blog, read a book, draw a picture, even take a picture, email a dude in New York, do something, free yourself, just don't stare at that stupid tube in your living room.

THINK FOR YOURSELF and think outside the box, you might meet some cool aliens.