U2 by U2

Wow!What a weekend

Where do I start? I think pictures may speak louder than words in this instance, especially if I add words to the pictures

Okay, so from the top, it was great to find that my room did indeed look just like the pictures on the website.

We arrived in Adelaide on the morning of the gig and set about getting fairly drunk during lunch, which ended with us purchasing numerous pieces of U2 merchandise including their latest coffee table book U2 by U2. Chris can be seen below pointing out another interesting fact about the band from the book.


Room View
The view from my balcony was fairly cool.
So now the gig itself, 60,000 plus people filled AAMI Stadium in Adelaide, the sound and atmosphere was fantastic, although a small echo behind us kind of got annoying at times.

U2 crowd


I like this pic because it goes a little way to capturing the feel of the crowd as it moved with the music.


Cazza sporting the latest in Vertigo Tour wear the morning after the show
Worth the effort and worth the money, we all had a ball and spent way too much money on crap we don't need, copious amounts of wine we will probably never find time to drink (yeah, as if) and we'd do it all again within a blink of the eye. Awesome!