Where did christmas go, at least where did the christmas spirit go. I guess it goes as you get older. I'm not a religious person at all, yet I hang onto some Christmas traditions tightly (should Christmas have a capital C, christmas - Christmas). I guess it's one of the few happy memories of a fairly screwed up childhood that I have. But I'm havin a hell of a time keeping one of those traditions going.

I'm talking about Christmas cards here. I send out 3 dozen or so every year. I get around 6 in return. Yeah yeah I know, that should be a hint that nobody actually likes me haha, but it's not like they are obscure, never catch up with except at christmas type friends, these are my regular weekly buddies. And so far I've gotten back more sms replies than cards.
I'm sorry, when did a 10 second typed message on your mobile phone suddenly become christmassy. "Thanks for the card" "In the absence of a christmas card from me this is a christmas text" A fucking what now?
Oh and if I get another animated Christmas email of a reindeer with christmas lights in its antlers I'll throw my PC out the god damn window.
Get with the spirit people and celebrate the great Coca Cola advertising logo that we now embrace as the c(C)hristmas icon. Send me a god damn card or I'll place a flaming christmas tree on your front lawn on boxing day and that's just gonna freak out the kiddies.
note: to all my friends, I still love you all <3


Anonymous said…
your card didnt arrive until friday the 22nd so how am i supposed to send you a return card prior to xmas. in my typical short sighted fashion i see it as your fault for not mailing them in november
Stu said…
Tee hee hee, now I should write a piece on people who never send cards unless they recieve one first hahahahaha!! ;o)