Well, if anything I'm consistent, I missed YeLPar's birthday yet again. I have a habit of doing this, once is an accident, twice is a habit.
Another year and I guess a few changes, the blog looks different, I can now post bigger pics with the wider format. Getting a small readership, although god knows why you want to read my crap, I put it down to the fact that you're all voyeuristic pervs.
Anyways, stay tuned for some Big Day Out action, I'm off there this Sunday with Amanda and I'll try and remember to take the digi cam. No not for pics of her, of the bands and the gig, see.... you lot are pervs.
Happy 2nd birthday

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Ranx said…
Happy Birthday.

Looks like I picked a bad week to give up voyeurism ;-)
Stu said…
Hahahaha and cheers