Whoa, New Years Eve. A hell of a huge night.
Partied at Waz and Gaz's Heaven and Hell do. Went as Vlad the Impaler but nobody guessed it, wonder why?
Then it was off to Connections night club, seems to be the thing we do on NYE of late. Always a huge night and huge fun. Bettered our exit time by half an hour this year, left at 6am. Gotta love daylight saving in the morning.
Chris came as Jimmy Hendrix, so we provided him with some purple haze...


Jimmy H

...and a few other colours

Jimmy H

Sure they all knew Macca was a priest, somebody even asked me if I was Ghengis Khan, the what now?


God is a DJ

God is a DJ


Shahn, Heidi, Matty and Macca

Line up

Lining up for the club @ 2am


Inside the club to dance in the new year


Celebrate like it's 2007

Going home

Gaz and Waz lead me home @ 6am