Spent yesterday at Summadayze, great gig, great fun. Some acts rocked others disappointed. Highlights included Bodyrockers, Axwell, Darren Emerson, Bob Sinclair, Tocadisco and Martin Solvieg (Solvieg was the stand out performance for me). Lowlight was Mylo, a headline act but way too repetitive for my liking.
Best bit is that I actually feel pretty damn good today, so bonus right there.

Excuse the poor quality of the pics, but that's my phone cam for ya.

Arriving at Summadayze

Main tent as we arrived

Darren Emerson

Darren Emerson behind the decks

Main stage

The main stage


Waz and Me

Waz and me late into the night


Mylo starts his set

Linda and Gen

Luscious Linda and Gorgeous Gen

Gen and Waz

Waz contemplates whilst Gen testifies


Waz said…
I wish we had seen more of Axwell, we missed the first 30 mins as we were in at Mylo (getting crushed by the crowd and the crazy teeny boppers pole dancing above us - what the?). I think Axwell and Tocadisco were my favs - but Solvieg was a good too - not sure about the Bob Sinclair track he started with, but he played some great stuff as he went on.

Great day and night - thanks Gaz, Gaz, Linda, Jen, Jarrad, and of course Stu!!

Thank-god for the sweat band. Go Power Rangers!!!

Stu said…
Oh yeah I forgot about the sweatbands, mine is looking a tad shabbier than it did at the start of the day :o)

Yeah Mylo was a downer compared to the rest but I think we had the crowd issues sorted after that